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The Confidant – Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Ibrahim Chatta | Jaiye Kuti | Bimbo Oshin


Femi loves his wife so much but would rather entrust all his properties and life savings to an outsider. Tables turn when his life is in danger and no one is willing to help but his wife.



Date: September 17, 2022

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45 thoughts on “The Confidant – Latest Yoruba Movie 2022 Drama Starring Ibrahim Chatta | Jaiye Kuti | Bimbo Oshin

  1. The evil inlaws drove the children out of their father's house , some stupid men allowed their siblings to control their matrimonial home , forgotten that his sister's have their own husbands and his brothers has their own wives enjoying with their own families , some men will be reporting their wives to friends & families , they will be advising them against their wives , how can a man love his siblings than his wife ? and the siblings didn't love his wife , no matter the character of his wife that carried his children for nine months , do his siblings are good than his wife
    Even HOLY BOOK Says Let No Man Put Asunder , any person that put asunder to any marital lives Please GOD kindly quickly punish them Amen if it is only because of the children Please HEAVENLY FATHER , many children are suffering bcs of evil inlaws , they don't care about the children only no the properties they don't sweat for

  2. Wow ! Dis life na wa o. ! I saw a junior sister running up & down to kill her snr sister, said dat her snr sister has not been given her enough money.As God will have it, d jnr sister eventually killed herself. Let us be sensitive and don't trust anybody in dis life. Well done job sir/ma.

  3. Enikeni Koni Fi eje we, ni agbara Olorun. Dat word is too raw ! Oro Alafia ati Adura ni afe ma gbo ninu ere Yoruba. Ebawa se atunse sir / ma. Eku lse opolo to pe. A gbadun ere yi gidigidi. Debby

  4. The confidant is an interesting movie! It's called a 'movie'. A movie can be a true-life story or not but in this movie. The family part in this movie is a true-life story that has happened to many people especially women in real life. The n*nsense family instead of them to support the wife on how their brother should be healed, they are focusing on how to send his wife out. Mtcheeew! We also have many men out there that have refused their wife to work. Thank God Femi didn't die! The wife (Adeola) will suffer a lot with her children.

  5. Indeed a great movie. Thank God Femi did not die otherwise Adeola would have just suffered unjustly. May God deliver us from unfriendly friends that are around us like daddy Mayowa. And may past experiences not make us make wrong decisions in life like Femi did not empowering his wife. Congratulations to the producer for conceiving this inspiring movie. May God help all of us, life intrigues are too many and only God can help us escape all

  6. I give this movie 99.9 percent.
    Kudos to the actors and crew.

    Stay at home mums, the least you can do yourself is to find a way to have money in your account. Staying at home is not an excuse to be broke.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  7. Kudos to the entire crew. Good and well scripted unpredictable movie. This is what we need to see more. The hospital scene is ok but please try to invest in critical hospital equipment like the life support equipment and other hospital scene equipment. Love the movie its different.

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