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The Day God Sends An Apocalypse To Punish All Atheists


The Day God Sends An Apocalypse To Kill All Atheist

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Date: September 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Day God Sends An Apocalypse To Punish All Atheists

  1. We used to have to watch 1970s movies like this at youth service. I used to think all of em were full of sht, but over the last few years I definitely have seen some truth in em

  2. remember guys, this is just a movie 🎬, and what happened in it is just a tip of what's to come. I would say it isn't entirely accurate, but it's true at the same time. also, there won't be an option to choose at a time like that because we had more than enough time to do that. the Bible doesn't mention anything about making a choice during the end time, but I may need to reread my Bible again to confirm.

    great video by the way

  3. What’s sad is that this is true but the one that drop dead are the Christians because the rest are to suffer on earth and heck. If you don’t believe me read the book of Revelations. From the Christian bible. The thing is once this happens you cannot accept God into your heart your stuff to suffer forever. That’s the sad part about this.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 organized religion
    🤔 if these are the lengths you have to go through for you to believe y'all can have it 😑 instant death or being tourtured before you go

  5. You know what's interesting? There are many religious people all over the world who say that atheists won't get into heaven for not believing in god, yet there are religious people who do believe yet touch little kids, commit murder, treat others like crap, act entitled, and do bad things "in the name of god". So are nice atheists forbidden from "getting into heaven", but these sorts of religious people will if they pray a few times, then? Make it make sense, religious people. And you can't just say you don't claim those religious people, because it's your own rule that only those who believe can enter heaven. And don't make things up on the spot either, because I grew up with religious individuals inventing nonsense on the spot countless times when asked how something is supposed to work according to their religion. Until I'm slapped with: "Well, god works in mysterious ways.", which is a clear sign that it's your personal creation since you're making things up on behalf of your "god". There's a difference in believing there's something out there and believing in some random person's creation who had no answers to big life questions that people needed long ago.

  6. Here's the thing after Jesus takes his children no matter how much u pray if u didn't go doing the trumpet u ain't going at all they could've prayed how much they still won't make it to heaven

  7. Pretty sure this is the movie made fro. The "Left Behind" series.
    It revolves around the end times and what happens to those who are left after the rapture.
    It was a pretty interesting read.

  8. me dropping the biggest deuce possible on the Bible, with The Only Thing They Have To Fear Is You playing, while watching this all unfold.
    "Come and take me so I can kick you in your big stupid face, God."

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