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The Demon We Faced – MUST Know Untold Truths BEFORE RV Living


RV life brought us to our knees these past few days. Today, we talk about unforeseen emergencies and give you the best tips from emergency professionals. RV life will always throw the worst curveballs, it is up to you to know how to face these demons when they arise.

We'll talk about facing emergencies while living in an RV, how to handle emergency situations, best practices for calling 911, and important updates for HappilyEverHanks.


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00:00 Intro
00:38 Having a plan
03:03 Unexpected emergencies
05:47 Knowing when to call 911
06:35 Best practices when calling 911
09:44 What if I need to leave my RV?
12:03 What if I have pets?
13:28 Facing bad weather
14:49 The demon we faced – What happened to Dexter..
17:28 What changed with the Hershey RV show?


_A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Keep Your Daydream and Changing Lanes. The style of this video is also similar to Kara and Nate or Eamon & Bec in parts._

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Date: September 16, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Demon We Faced – MUST Know Untold Truths BEFORE RV Living

  1. This is honestly one of the hardest weeks we have been through since being full time. Please continue to send your love and support, Dexter needs all of it ❤ Much love to you all from the Hanks family

    Details on HappilyEverHanks at the Hershey RV Show

    Waggle – Temperature Monitor Device Save 50% with our code: HANKS50

    HappilyEverHanks PayPal

  2. I'm glad Dexter is home and doing okay. I hope that continues to a full recovery. Are you going to tell us what was wrong with him? The suspense…LOL! How about a red cross envelope clipped to the fridge with all your medical info, contact info, etc… in it? Maybe the red cross would catch someone's eye, when needed? Two kids, three g'kids, and dozens of animals…and I think the animals are the scariest when it comes to medical stuff because they can't tell you what's wrong, where it hurts, etc… AND you can't explain to them what you're doing, why you're doing it, or why they have to stay in a strange place without you for awhile. One can't help but feel like they must think they've been abandoned in their hour of need. Mega guilt monsters. LOL! My two current dogs are elderly Min-Pins; sisters from the same litter. One is diabetic. One is toothless. Both are deaf and blind. One gets very anxious if she doesn't know exactly where I am, every minute of the day. The other just barks endlessly until I come rescue her (translation: wait on her hand and foot…). My life for the last six years has revolved around their medication schedules. Every. Twelve. Hours. It's fortunate I'm retired now, so I can be home to provide them with the senior care they need and deserve. I will be very sad when they pass away. <3 <3

  3. Dexter, no more getting into the Vodka for attention.🐱🍸
    I'm kidding! Hugs to you all, it's so hard when you can't communicate with the babies. Would love an update when you have a spare minute. 🙏

  4. Glad to hear Dexter is doing well. As a vet, I would recommend, especially fulltimers, ensure you always have a copy of your pet's medical records with you.
    During an an emergency, your regular vet clinic may not be open (to get previous records and hsitory) and having that info handy is very helpful in trying to help diagnose and manage your pet's condition.
    Need to make sure you have actual copied of the medical noted, not just the invoices from previous visits.

  5. 1. Thank you for sharing this informational, important video.
    2. So sorry to hear about Dexter's issue and prayers that all works out well for him, and you.
    Thanks Hanks.

  6. GREAT VIDEO!! Very good advice guys!! I guess because I'm a retired nurse….who thinks about those things like ..emergencies…..I keep a small eraser board on the fridge door and always write the current address and site number along with the campsite phone number. I also have a page in my wallet with all my meds, doctors and brief medical history. Cz I guarantee you…I'd forget that little blue pill name as well!!!
    So glad Dexter is stable and you two are well. Have a great time at the RV show Ney!!

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  8. Get well soon Dexter. XOXO Great points on your video reference emergency personnel knowing where you are located and address numbers of your house or RV. It is amazing how many people think that the person who answers the 911 phone call is the person who responds to the call.

  9. So glad Dexter is OK…. I'm really sorry you guys had to go through that I know how scary that is. We have two fur babies both cats. It sucks when our fur babies are sick and you have to find a vet someone you have never seen and nor have they. I'm sending you all lots of love and I wish Dexter's a quick recovery.

  10. Good points on all kind of emergencies, regardless if it is a human or fur babies. Take care of Dexter kitty 🐾. It hurts when they are sick, he has such great parents! Get well soon Dexter! Take care of each other 💕 stay safe as well.

  11. God Bless you guy's. You bring me so much laughter. Wanted to pray for Dexter. Having worked in a veterinary clinic for over 20 years and with 2 cats that passed in weeks of each other…Father God I thank you for sending your healing hand all over Dexter. Full flow of your love right now, in Jesus name! Thank you two for sharing your lives with us.

  12. Another suggestion:

    1) Take photos of prescriptions on your cell phones. We often know the names our meds and when we take them, but we often do not know the dosage amount, which is also vital information for medical personnel. Don’t forget to include over the counter medicines as well!!

  13. My heart aches knowing exactly how helpless you feel when your baby is terribly ill. A few weeks ago, while camping in Sault Ste Marie, my lab was vomiting, developed bloody diarrhea & a uti. There were five vets & the 4th one I called said they'd see her if I could bring her right that minute. Thankfully she got meds & in a couple days was so much better. Fast forward, now we're in western Canada & vets are few and far between & to make matters worse, we have been in many places with zero cell service. My girl is starting to show signs of the uti returning & I'm praying one of the two vets in Whitehorse will see her. If not, I'm hoping if I take in a urine sample they'll at least prescribe an antibiotic.
    So, long story long … a veterinarian may not be able to see your pet even if it is an emergency.

  14. Such a somber video to watch, but it is something everyone needs to know. I hadn't thought about many of the emergency preparedness items you talked about. Great information. As for Dexter. So glad he's doing better. I have 3 fur babies living with me in my RV full-time. They are family. I hope he continues doing well on his road to recovery.

  15. All major-population counties in my state can not only ping your location on a 911 call, but can do so much faster and more precisely than most location information that callers will offer. On my most recent 911 call due to someone ahead of me crashing their van down into a ditch hard enough for the airbags to blow, the 911 operator asked me my location, but it was only to verify. I gave her the approximate crossroads and told her, "It's going to be better if you just hold onto my signal for that," and she said, "I've got it–just stay on the line and they'll be coming right there" and the responders came directly to the location, which wasn't quite at the landmarks I had given. There are many places in the country where that capability won't be as common, though.

    Having worked in a number of developing countries, I find the American view of pets, including the millions of dollars made by many local 24-hour veterinary clinics / hospitals in the US, to be quite astounding. I grew up with a close family member being a vet working in that setting for many years, in a pet hospital that had served the Kroc family of McDonald's fame–some of its more esoteric equipment had even been gifted by them–and there were few stories that would get my friends overseas laughing in disbelief at the scale of American wealth and spendthrift culture than those about the veterinary hospital. Explaining to someone who works 14 – 16 hours a day and is barely able to keep enough food on the table for his family, and a roof over their heads, that Americans will take hours of their time and spend $75 or more to get their cat's teeth cleaned is not only incomprehensible but kills any sense that Americans can possibly understand or really relate to most of the rest of the world and its necessary values and priorities.

  16. I have been preemptive for years & there is also another thing you can do if ur going to be somewhere more than a couple of days contact the local PD and find out how you can add ur phone & location to their database some have that option if u should have to call 911.

  17. Aww. I sure hope Dexter is recovering nicely from his sudden illness. Poor little fella. And I hope you two are doing ok – it’s vet stressful when our pets are ill. Hoping everything turns out well.

  18. Our Best to Dexter, and a speedy recovery. This one hit home, we were just faced with a possible Pet emergency, with Checkers, fortunately she is ok, and we knew what to do (possible early symptoms of Gastroenteritis) our treatment we learned from the Emergency vet last time we were able to avoid a midnight trip to an animal hospital. but man it is scary. Our best to your family!

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