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the End. || Solo Female Van Life in Short Bus Conversion – I'm HOME


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Date: January 26, 2023

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33 thoughts on “the End. || Solo Female Van Life in Short Bus Conversion – I'm HOME

  1. Good day Brittany! Since you are spiritual, look up the type of ant that bit you or ants in general to see if there is a message or meaning there waiting for you on your journey. Just like you'd do if you saw your spirit animal or kept seeing a particular animal. Something told me to tell you that. Always check the significance of things, even the little ones. When I saw how much the bite hurt you I felt for you. Then I thought to mention looking up the meaning. Blessings, peace, and light to you, dear friend.🙏🏾🙌🏾💜

  2. Some Can Go To The Vehicle Junk Hard, GET An Extra Battery Charged Up. I Hope Some People Send You A Few Dollars To Help You Out. You Are Sooo Smart, And You Will Figure It Out As Always. I Know Its Stressful Alone. Believe Me, I Know That Feeling. Blessings And Be Safe.

  3. Loving your style and spirit..and yes sweetie you are so right down south is the best feeling ever..I'm in North Dakota and when I go back to North Carolina I feel like I just broke out of prison ..lol… Love you

  4. So glad you and Jada baby made it home safe. Enjoyed coming along on your journey, until the next time, take care. Question, have you looked into an ifetch for Jada since she LOVES that ball?? Let me know?? 🤔 Ya'll stay safe! 🙏🏾🧡😊

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