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‘The Five’ talks Biden’s continued attacks on MAGA Republicans


‘The Five’ discusses how Biden is focused on ‘MAGA Republicans’ as midterms approach.

Trey reflects on the aftermath of a Duke University volleyball player being referred to as a racial slur during an away game at Brigham Young University. He also shares his thoughts on President Biden's recent crisis of democracy rhetoric speech and emphasizes that an opposing opinion should not determine how we view an individual's morality.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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21 thoughts on “‘The Five’ talks Biden’s continued attacks on MAGA Republicans

  1. I don't know how anyone could be supporting the Democrats at this point. The president has clearly showed that he doesn't believe in democracy, he doesn't believe in obeying laws, that he doesn't believe in the constitutional rights of Americans, that he's willing to use government resources to go after political rivals, he's willing to use government resources to subvert an election by hiding critical information and lying to the American people, that he's been colluding with social media sites to hide important, truthful information from the public, that he's been colluding with news stations and papers to lie to, and mislead the public, and that he's willing to use hateful divisive rhetoric to scare the public so he can hold onto power. These are not things that a president who believes in democracy does, these are things that a tyrannical dictator does.
    He is destroying the US. He is selling out the country to the WEF, his rich buddies, and to China. He doesn't care about America, Americans, "climate change", or the environment, all he cares about is money, power, and control.

  2. "Those people are hypocritical and deceiving people. They are using fear mongering as a tool to divide the American people and as a means to get votes and stay in power. They are radicals and a danger to the country." Both sides essentially mirror the same talking points about their opponents as the other. Fascinating. And believe me, there is one side I greatly favor, but I won't say which. The point is that the criticisms the left uses for the right and vice versa are pretty similar.

  3. Weak assed crap! And in closing, blah, blah, blah, and don't worry I'm doing my best to spend everyone's money. Just wait until you see the huge pile of nothing I've threw your entire future paying for.. It wasn't easy. And by the way you weren't supposed to figure out that youve been yet, not this quick. ……… Damned MAGA people! Why don't they just focus on paying their taxes so I ( the President) can squander it on my friends. Could this be what a wiretap on Joe's internal narrative would produce on tape? ????

  4. The left needs Trump. Without him they will have to address thier failed policies. Trump is the distraction the left despartly needs so they can shift the blame and avoid taking responsibility.

  5. Listen to world news…. all other media outlets… (besides crazy conspiracy theorists) and you will see that the whole world hates crazy MAGA extremists. Republicans need to ditch MAGA and let them be their own swamp of ignorance. Let Republicans and Democrats go back to supporting our country in a positive way. The crazier MAGA gets the more voters they lose. Republicans ditch them

  6. I dont vote never have . Tell jessica our institutions are corrupt. I like how she act like american institutions are trustworthy when a blue is in office . Red and blue are both totally corrupt.

  7. Another divider is Barack Hussein Obama. Perhaps when the republicans take over, if the democrats don't cheat their a** off , Perhaps Mr. Obama's home can be searched by the FBI. A lot that's been happening has baracks Is fingerprints all over it

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