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The Hidden Homelessness Crisis In California (HBO)


There is a shortage of affordable housing in every state in the country, but it's especially bad in California — where there's only one affordable housing unit for every five extremely low income households.

The gap is not only pushing more and more people out onto the streets—it's also creating a new, fast-growing, and hidden class of homelessness: People who in the past would have been able to afford a room or apartment but now live in their cars by necessity.

Danielle Williams is one of them. She’s a single working mother who has been living in her van with her daughter for five years. At first, it meant sleeping in dark, scarcely populated areas, and being hassled by the police. But thanks to a program called Safe Parking — a network of parking lots equipped with porta-potties and lot monitors — she can now stay in her car overnight without worrying about her safety.

VICE News traveled to California to see how the new program is helping people like Danielle live a little more comfortably, and met with a government official who’s frustrated there aren’t longer term solutions to help the roughly 16,000 people in Los Angeles who now sleep in their cars.

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Date: September 15, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Hidden Homelessness Crisis In California (HBO)

  1. Greed!!!Why don't you do all of us viewers a favor and spend the rest of your life on the real truth instead of this bull! Otherwise you're useless! That would make you infamous! The one reason is greed of homeowners and property management"s greed. The astronomical rise in rent! And the greed at it's at heart! Then we will listen to you, otherwise go get a job as a door greeter at Walmart..

  2. Why is it hidden or taboo, this problem is very obvious not only in America but also Canada; several other European countries have also to face with refugees, great title but the report is garbage!

  3. I’m 18 and had to lose my only hope of going to college, I am gonna have to start living out of my car in two days because my friend can’t House me anymore (no anger towards them I love them I’ve been so grateful) I just want to have a home

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