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The Lowest-Effort Way To Keep Your Reselling Space Clean and Tidy


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Date: September 19, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Lowest-Effort Way To Keep Your Reselling Space Clean and Tidy

  1. Great use of space Matt….It shows how resellers living in apartments, can set up a great business in a 1-2 bedroom apartment. The only thing I would do is play with the bed a bit. I love the idea of 2 twin beds placed in "L" shape/up against walls in a corner, it creates a lounge/couch effect. Place a coffee table from Goodwill in front of it or a trunk and you have a great sleeping lounge space. Dorm design at it's most generic. Then maybe throw a couple fishing rods up /nets on the wall for decor. Maybe paint one wall camo. I'd throw all my beloved skis on the wall with ski trail maps. I'd frame them just the way they are creased-circled-beer/chili stains and all. As always, thanks for taking the time to create amazing video's!!!

  2. After thinking it over, I would have put the bed in the bedroom and moved the bins of eBay stuff to the living room area. I think I would live a mentally healthier life with a bedroom santuariry and the eBay bins in the living room with the shipping area and photo area. Just a thought…

  3. I learned 40 years ago that the best thing I could do to make things automatically feel/look better was to make the bed as soon as I got up. That 3 minutes every morning kept my Mom off my back about my room and I still do that to this day. The timer is a good thing!

  4. That's the biggest issue I had with my death pile. I traveled for work and bought up stuff for a couple of years so that I had inventory built up to make the switch. I didn't realize how it would impact me mentally and wondering where the Hell to get started and seem overwhelming.

  5. Off point question for this topic, but I am brand new to EBay and havent listed anything yet. Im going through my home first to find items to sell and Ive been learning a lot from you. I watched a video where you quickly explained how to calculate sell-through rate, but I cant find it now. Can you give me the formula again please?
    PS-the booger didnt bother me at all

  6. I can totally relate. I just stayed up very late last night to clean up my disorganized work space that had spilled over into my dining room. I woke up more energized and motivated today. Now Im ready to begin my 100 item listing challenge for the month.

  7. Didn't notice the booger at all. It could've been bigger I still wouldn't have noticed it. Ive have noticed however, that very word that comes out of your mouth is productive and with intention to help improve our reselling techniques so I mostly focus on that. Keep it up, no amount of boogers can stop you lol

  8. I've found it makes me feel better starting the day if my bed is made before I start working. Even if the sheets aren't perfect, pulling up the comforter is instant neatness hack!

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