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The Red Nightmare | Full Horror Movie| Alexanderthetitan


One of the scariest horror anthology's brought into existence by the darkest mind in the youtube sphere.

The Red Nightmare | Alexanderthetitan


0:00 – Intro
0:12 – MOMO
6:57 – The Lady
13:12 – The Smiling Woman
26:03 – Shedim
30:20 – Akeela
33:58 – Chrissy
41:10 – Alone With Death
46:05 – Mystery Box
50:45 – TRAP
54:55 – Santa
1:01:34 – Biddi
1:07:10 – The Ball Lord
1:17:54 – Airbnb
1:30:31 – Credits


Date: September 15, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Red Nightmare | Full Horror Movie| Alexanderthetitan

  1. Did a woman write this screen play?? because its not one original idea here.. stoøe from the ring then creepy pasta then more creepy pasta and im not veen halway into the movie(or collection of short movies, not anthology because that would indicate a red thread)

  2. Its a masterpiece of art Alex, but I dont understand why do the characters of horror movies have to be so dumb always ? Make the characters more intelligent and smart enough to resist the evil so that there's equal competition from both the sides which ll only make the stories more thrilling.

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