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The Skateboarding Challenge: Who’s Better, Steve-O or Wee-Man?


skateboarding , The Skateboarding Challenge: Who’s Better, Steve-O or Wee-Man? , , L8kCqgjgCE4 , , , 377590 , 5.00 , This got intense, to say the very least!

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Steve-O , 1670445820 , 2022-12-07 12:43:40 , 00:04:43 , UCt54Hzhj7RpCWOYpoFJLKAQ , steveo , 12692 , , [vid_tags] , , ,, #Skateboarding #Challenge #Whos #SteveO #WeeMan

Date: January 7, 2023

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48 thoughts on “The Skateboarding Challenge: Who’s Better, Steve-O or Wee-Man?

  1. Funko should make Funko Soda figures of The Jackass Crew such as Johnny Knoxville and his Chase should be him dressed up as Bad Grandpa,Chris Pontius and his Chase should be Party Boy,and WeeMan and his Chase should be him dressed up as Oompa Loompa holding a skateboard

  2. I've been through the ringer with having Asperger and trying to stay sober off of the booze….I recently just went through a break up with my hot fiancée and I feel like shit is going down hill and the only shit that keeps me sane is weed….my question is how do u deal with past shit and stay sober?

  3. At skateboarding wee Man but he's better at Street skateboarding stevo's better at skateboarding in the 80s like Eric koston that's why Eric koston has ramp and Street so I'm trying to say dude there was like a super huge like Andy Griffin moment in skateboarding right there in 1990

  4. that jumping rope while skateboarding had so much vibes old jackass skits.
    i laughted hard because of how dumb it was. also the fall was on point.

    keep it up guys.

  5. Your channel is helping me to not do something stupid this very minute. Thank you Steve-O.
    Possibly just saved someone’s life dude. Thank you.

  6. It wouldn't really be a stevo video if it wasn't revealed at the end that the whole thing was just a commercial. My guy loves to shill shit

  7. It’d be interesting to see if steveo makes more now from YouTube compared to the jackass days.

    Personally I think this content is way more dynamic. That being said the road to this content was paved by jackass insanity.

    Either way glad to see steveo happy and healthy

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