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There is no bad time to defend the unborn: Sen Lindsey Graham


Sen. Lindsey Graham defends the timing of proposing a federal abortion bill in the wake of President Biden’s inflation bill party on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #FoxNews #JesseWattersPrimetime

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Date: September 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “There is no bad time to defend the unborn: Sen Lindsey Graham

  1. Why it’s the poster child for the Republican Party. This man flip flops like a fish in the bottom of the boat. He’s flip flopped so many times I’m sure he has brain damage.

  2. Don’t underestimate Joe’s, oh wait Im sorry, don’t underestimate Lindsey Graham’s ability to f things up.

    As an independent I’ve been outspoken in the small capacity I have personally to my republican friends/family that the GOP will NEVER win elections/re-election when they bring up their opinions on abortion in the context of their campaigns, they are just too radical/unpopular.

  3. F°k states rights and federal rights and corporate rights. This Fall, vote for human rights. Every Republican has to appeal to religious extremists and the 8 richest ppl on earth. Vote blue!! Not bc they're perfect but bc at least we'll be fighting ppl who are not bend on our demise.

  4. So this RINO says weeks ago it is a state issue. Then at the worst time he changes his mind and says it's a federal issue. Dems hold the House. It's a dead bill. And rightfully so, will be used by Dems as ammunition for the midterms in less than 2 months. Makes the chances of a future abortion bill getting passed less likely based on logic. He then has the audacity to say that there's no bad time to bring it up. He's a clown. Can't stand him. Reminds me of the time he fist bumped Kamala in Congress after the 2020 election. Just like Mitch. He'd rather have little influence as a minority in Congress than no influence with a majority. Get rid off him.

  5. VERY nice of Lindsey to come on Waters show and let Jesse basically tell him he is a FOOL. It's all right because Graham had 2 talking points and he just keeps repeating them.
    A TRUE politician that has been in DC way to LONG. This guy is the POSTER CHILD for TERM LIMITS. LOL What a CLOWN SHOW.

  6. Graham perfectly fits the description of "a wolf in sheep's clothing". A long time ago I use to think he was honorable. It wasn't until I started paying attention to politics more that I saw what a scumbag he is. I agree that he is "controlled opposition by the swamp".

  7. This guy is one of, if not the biggest snakes in government, and that is saying a lot seeing that pretty much all of them are. I can't believe our country has come to this being held under the thumb of these crooks.

  8. The whole GOP party is stupid. Blowing a sizeable lead and then fumbling the ball with no defender in sight on the 10 yard line. Lindsay you stupid, maybe it would have been easier to push pro-life stuff after the mid-terms where we can control both houses?????

  9. Lindsay doesn't care about " tactics" all he cares about is doing what HE wants to do even though the Supreme Court has ALREADY ruled states rights on abortion!!

  10. Graham has lost his mind. I hardly call allowing abortion for 15 weeks "defending the unborn". We just managed to return the power to decide abortion law to the people and he now wants to cancel that. This is an insult to pro-lifers to suggest a national law allowing abortion up to 15 weeks. Several states have already protected children from conception. We are willing to work at the state level to gradually move the rest in that direction. Lindsay Graham, stay out of this!!!!!

  11. Swamp creature Lyndsay Graham needs to retire to his basement, and STHU Instead of handing democrats an issue to run on. Last week he supported states rights on abortion. And now he's proposing to limit it federally. He's a Biden supporter, one of those Republicans Biden said he could work with. 🙄

  12. I think The Supreme Court should Forbid Interracial Marriage. It still womanhood from white woman and Manhood from Black Men. Is a threat and domestic issue that causes the Genocide of both Black American and Nordic Races.

  13. Don't trust Lindsey he's a liar and trying to give Dems ammunition to run on…He did it on purpose Come on use your head! Don't trust this Guy he is for the establishment 100%. He doesn't give a crap about babies.

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