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This Cop Bravely Stopped Officer Misconduct


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This video is for educational purposes and is in no way intended to provoke, incite, or shock the viewer. This video was created to educate citizens on constitutionally protected activities and emphasize the importance that legal action plays in constitutional activism.

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Date: September 19, 2022

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47 thoughts on “This Cop Bravely Stopped Officer Misconduct

  1. Full disclosure: I made this episode a couple of years ago, but YouTube wouldn't allow me to post it. It appears they have changed their perspective on this so I re-edited the video and uploaded it for you all to enjoy. Watch this video to the end and show YouTube that it was worth being posted!

  2. I failed to see how any officer or anyone bravely stop anything. Has that officer been charged with violating Eighth Amendment rights has he been charged with treason if not nothing's been stopped

  3. Just to be clear from a GA resident living near there. Its technically a "highway" but its just a long ass regular road. No one treats it like a freeway or a highway so he wasn't being too insane if I was his age I would do something like that on Roswell and not feel any type of way about it. Roswell is basically only semantically a highway it is not functionally treated as such by the people who use it.

  4. This is so minute compared to the crimes these gangsters get away with on the daily. I'd bet the whistleblower either doesn't work there anymore or is having a very rough time.

  5. I need some help with this especially since I was just sleeping my truck both times I got to knock on the window and got a DUI no evidence didn't stop me was drinking after I was parked. In my house

  6. What's wrong with any police department too many White folks in high ranking positions and police officers being protected by the unions.

    Eliminate the unions and fire all these White folks and start over from the ground up and fire cops for misconduct instead of protecting them.

  7. Well to be fair, the golf cart's don't have any heat in them so the kid had to be dressed warm enough for the elements. sitting in a non moving squad car even with the windoes down has to be way warmer than a golf cart going 10-15 mph down the road. For sure the optics are bad but the reality is the kid was fine!

  8. Sargent should be charged with child abuse and demoted to private or fired. Fired would be more appropriate as child abuse is against the law as well as the other obvious legal violations what a pos this Sargent is

  9. This is not abuse or cruel. Get real. You realize he was driving down the road in a wall-less fully open vehicle, traveling in the open air without heat, all by his choice. They did nothing but remove the comfort of luxury provided by themselves. Removing luxury is NOT cruel. They literally just left him in the same environment as they found him. They did not strip him naked and force him to stand in the cold or do something to make him worse off. This is literally no different than if they stopped him and left him standing on the sidewalk for 20 mins while they spoke to him. 20 mins. Fully clothed. Is NOT cruel or abuse. Get the f real. What spoiled children.

    And the cops stepping in to "help" the kid? Yea, that's called good cop/bad cop. the good guy shows up 20 mins later, offers him luxury and comforts and kindness, and guess what, the kid tells him where his mother is. tada. it works. fast track to establishing social rapport. if they had left him in the cold for hours, that would be something else. they didn't. they let him sit 20 minutes exactly the same as they found him riding around for probably 20 mins or longer. what an exaggerated joke of corruption.

    imo, it was unnecessary and the attitude is much worse than "the cruel and usual punishment." (lolol what a joke, still funny). the attitude should've been straight forward and non-vindictive. if he stole, arrest him, give him a state representative to act on his behalf until his legal guardian can be found, and move on. instead, these cops were clearly trying to do this troublesome kid a favor by not escalating things into an official process and just trying to get him home to his mother and leave him/her with a scolding. only moroyns would be so stupid as to to call any part of this abuse; spoiled princesses need an example of the real horrors of abuse and cruelty in the world. I guess giving them a non-padded seat and too-cold warm tea is abuse too. lololol

  10. Anyone really shocked by anything that the worst Police organisation in the world does to its citizens?
    US Cops are sooooo unprofessional, it's sickening. Horrible People!!

  11. Getting cold back there? Kid says I can take it. Cop says so can I cause I have heat in my car? Brilliant officer lol these guys a genius when it comes to torturing kids just not so much with the shit talking I guess

  12. First you handcuff a minor and put him in a cold car with no heat and pretty much make him tell everything he knows or else he won’t get heat in the car… yeah that seems about right

  13. Not trying to be a downer but wasn't the kid just driving a golf cart with no side windows or doors meaning he's having cold wind at 10+ Mph blowing in his face so I doubt just sitting in the cop car was colder then what he was just doing pluss that punishment most parents who are not abusive would do to show the kid discipline for his actions because stealing a golf cart has big repercussions if the owner decided to take legal action due to the value of the property he stole wich in return could mess the kids life up a lot more then sitting in the cold in a sweater for 15 mins

  14. When I violated my probation the left me in the car with the air off handcuffed for like 45 minutes with the windows rolled up in the summer in Florida it was like 90 something degrees out and I had a long sleeve on with jeans. Cops don’t care. Wish I would’ve made it an issue when it happened

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