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Top 10 Best Persona 5 Royal Confidants


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I spent over 150 hours playing Persona 5 Royal in my hibernation and the fruits of my labor is a 2 part ranking on my favorite aspect of the game: the relationship you build with it's confidants. Today I'll be kicking off the ranking of the Persona 5 Royal confidants from worst to best with everything outside of the top 10. Be sure to subscribe for that coming soon, and more great gaming content on spring releases like Persona 5 Strikers, NieR Replicant, and Resident Evil 8.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Persona 5 Royal Confidants

  1. I've realize that Goro Akechi isn't a scumbag because after I fought that bastard Shido, he's the one who used and ruined Akechi's life. So yeah you need to study more in this game.

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  3. My ranking (Just based on the story and characters, not abilities):
    1) Takuto Maruki (Councilor Arcana)
    2) Sojiro Sakura (Hierophant Arcana)
    3) Goro Akechi (Justice Arcana)
    4) Futaba Sakura (Hermit Arcana)
    5) Ryuji Sakamoto (Chariot Arcana)
    6) Sumire Yoshizawa (Faith Arcana)
    7) Yusuke Kitagawa (Emperor Arcana)
    8) Sae Niijima (Judgement Arcana)
    9) Toranosuke Yoshida (Sun Arcana)
    10) Haru Okumura (Empress Arcana)
    11) Munehisa Iwai (Hanged Man Arcana)
    12) Ann Takamaki (Lovers Arcana)
    13) Tae Takemi (Death Arcana)
    14) Sadayo Kawakami (Temperance Arcana)
    15) Hifumi Togo (Star Arcana)
    16) Makoto Niijima (Priestess Arcana)
    17) Shinya Oda (Tower Arcana)
    18) Morgana (Magician Arcana)
    19) Yuuki Mishima (Moon Arcana)
    20) Justine & Caroline (Strenght Arcana)
    21) Igor (Fool Arcana)
    22) Chihaya Mifune (Fortune Arcana)
    23) Ichiko Ohya (Devil Arcana)

  4. Puts Kasumi at number one, despite her having the worst send-off to Joker at the end of the game out of all the confidants – especially if you romanced her

  5. "It's so hard to get invested into a character who's so uncertain who she is." Maybe it's just me, but I think that's one of the most relatable things about Ann. She does have her quirks and goals but it's normal for someone at that age to question exactly who they want to be going forward. We can all relate to that in some way. I think that's why throughout my first playthrough, I wanted to romance her cause even in 2018, I never really knew what I wanted to be once graduation came in a couple more years. It didn't help that I played Royal in 2020 and looking back, that was definitely my mid life crisis cause I had literally no idea where to go in my life at that point.

    Even though Chihaya ended up being my main pick in most of my playthroughs, Ann was and probably still is my go to romance option in the main cast. Which already has great romance options with Makoto, Haru, Futaba (Even though she is better as the little sister character for Joker which is just as adorable to see), and even Kasumi (Not saying her real name cause spoilers 😉 ) who I was REALLY struggling with whether or not she was gonna be romance option. Didn't help that she ended up being the first girl in the game to actually confess to you which broke my heart to say no. Even at the weakest points of the entire 100+ hour journey, Persona 5's writing can still be compelling as hell to see. Well, 96% of the time.

  6. As always a really interesting list Demod.

    I completely agree with you about Ann in regards to her arc being way too dependant on what would Shiho do rather than living for herself and as a romance option never really found her to have any character moments with Joker that made me think she cared about him.

    I do personally think Makoto is the strongest romance in the game (not the strongest confidant mind) because the game spends a great amount of time establishing the chemistry and trust between her and Joker. If you do pursue a relationship with her in the game, you get to see another side to her entirely… that of a girl who is incredibly shy but who more than anything else wants to be a partner who is there for you as you are for her.

    As for Kasumi, no doubt Royal wanted to push her as the love interest for Royal but for me it fell flat simply for the fact introducing a different personality into the plot 70 hours into the game and only giving me 3 weeks to get to know them, for me it's not compelling it's jarring. Also for some damn reason she's thankful to Maruki for manipulating her something I hope he was sued into oblivion for the emotional damages.

  7. Well I at least agree with his top 2 and his placing of Yusuke, but sadly nothing else.
    But it was still a great video and you have given me a different perspective on some of the confidants!

  8. Anyone who wants an alternative perspective: imagine joker as bi and akechi as gay. Atlus genuinely did amazing when it comes to writing a natural relationship. and it makes even more sense in 3rd semester why joker would wish he had akechi back of anything and why he'd keep akechi's glove.

    They barely got their relationship started before akechi died. And he was one of the few people that joker could go toe to toe with in with and deep conversations (look at the bathhouse and jazz club)

  9. I wish I could like Yoshizawa more. I really do. But while I love her story she also feels like she suffers a lot of the same issues as others. She is a neat character who becomes prominent in the final chapter but still feels a bit shoehorned in like Maruki. Her perks are decent but nothing to game changing. And while she's like Futaba who is my number 1 best girl, whereas Futaba only brought up her mom maybe once or twice in each confidant rank, Sumire never stops talking about Kasumi. I swear she machine guns her name more then Morgana says Lady Ann. So while I love Yoshizawa as a character I feel she is still a bit to flawed to be in my top spot.

    (Also I'm still kinda sad we never got Joker in any other Showtimes with the others. I'm not the only one right?)

  10. Honestly I never got the Makoto hype. Her confidant is below average, she comes off as hostile, and overall lacks a real personality (which might be the point but I don't think it makes her an "enjoyable" character). I felt similar with Kasumi, but at least she's not blatantly mean. But for the most part she just seems to just eat, gym, and senpai. Her reveal as Sumire and afterwards definitely helped a lot tho.

  11. I was with you on this entire list until…Akechi. I know the intention was to "love to hate him", but good god, I…just…HATE him. And having to tolerate his self-righteous ramblings and condescending tone for not one, but TWO palaces in Royal was awful. My only Akechi highlight is (spoiler) kicking the absolute crap out him late game. Get a "Repel Physical" persona and watch the idiot beat himself

  12. I know these videos didn’t get as many views as your Souls content, but you’ll always have a portion of your audience that supports all of your content! (And it also helps that I love Persona, lol)

  13. I think Futaba, Akechi and Yoshisawa are my top 3.

    All evoke such great emotions from their storyline, especially Futaba. I still cry when she says: "You gave me my life back"

  14. Well, I don't know how you feel about this, but for me, Kasumi's story scenes sometimes felt constrained and unnecessary. Don't get me wrong – I think the story behind her is extraordinary, but they put her into countless scenes without any reason.

    As for my list – Maruki is definitely somewhere in my top 10, if not 5.
    Also, I like the story of Ohya. I don't think I've ever used her confidant abilities, but the fact that she puts so much effort into saving her journalist friend/colleague is awesome. Not to mention the "plot twist" with Shido and all the funny times when Lala-chan have ever spoken. Too bad we couldn't actually drink with her, not even once.

    If I want to look at the confidants from a useful perspective as well, I'd definitely pick Yoshida too. With the retorical lessons, he gives us many more options in shadow negotiations, and his story is just too good to ignore. I mean – getting involved in a scandal and still pursuing your views? That's admirable. He even got the chance to fight back against his label, but he refused, what a golden man.

    Another not too useful but moving storyline is Iwai. Who wouldn't want to witness some shady business behind the scenes? I'm glad we could see another side of Iwai too, as a loving father, who gladly accepted us in the family as well.

    As for others, I think we can all agree that Mishima was quite annoying. But – as I went along with his (quite useful, tbh) confidant story, we could see him grow up from a little kid who wants to be acknowledged by all means, to an actual man who stood up for someone who bullied him a few days prior.

    Despite everything I've just stated, Yusuke is best boi, a golden nugget of memes, and I'd get off the train even two stations early to hang out with him.

  15. Please do boss rankings for some more 2d games! Like The Messenger, Cyber Shadow, the different Shovel Knight campaigns! They’re all really fun, decently challenging, they all have great soundtracks and awesome 8 and 16 bit art styles! They’re really cool, and you should check them out

  16. I did like Kasumi but keeping her from joining till end game was a mistake. It would've made her revalation so much more impact full if you got to grow more attached to the Kasumi persona.

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