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Top 10 Space Mysteries That Scientists Can't Explain


These space mysteries will make your head spin! For this list, we’ll be looking at questions about our wider universe that experts are still investigating. Our countdown includes A Possible Multiverse, Alien Life, Dark Matter & Energy, and more! Which of these would you most like answered? Got any theories? Tell us in the comments!

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Date: September 21, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Space Mysteries That Scientists Can't Explain

  1. I kinda believe we are in a simulation, it's just crazy like where do we go when we go to sleep? I think it's to download/upload information just like a computer after all that's what our brain is. I wouldn't doubt it if we are aliens but our real bodies can't survive on earth so humans were engineered like bio-suits that we can upload our conscious in to be able to live on this planet.

  2. Not trying to be sarcastic here but if, like you said the Andromeda galaxy is 93 billion light years across were true, we'd be in some serious s*** right now seeing how we are only 2.5 million light years away from it right now!

  3. Beyond a specific level, physicists propose some theories, such as multiverse, grand unified theory, theory of everything, and so on, that can't be proven or tested by experiments. Thus, these theories are similar to science fiction though they are shown by complicated equations.

  4. Also about life. It is possible that the "primordial soup" never occurred on Earth, but DID OCCUR at certain places in the universe. The first life would have began at the soonest moment the available conditions were met ANYWHERE in the universe. Well stars started forming within 1 billion years after the big bangs. Stars were already exploding and creating heavier elements. What I'm getting to is that intelligent life arose many times before the Earth was even an object. And aliens planted Earth within 300 to 400 million years after its formation. Planted it, and then just left it alone. in essence. It didn't stop a few visits here and there which still occur today 😉

  5. Personally I think the Big Crunch/Big Bounce is most likely. Yes I understand the expansion rate itself is increasing at the current moment. But I think this is just a wave of sorts, and the expansion rate will decrease. Then it may increase again, but not as much. And so on until there are no more increases, and FINALLY a threshold is crossed where finally, it all begins to fall back on itself. Now the time scales I'm talking about haven't even come close to occurring…but hey, we're talking about the fate of the entire universe here hahaha

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