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Top 100 Rock Songs Of The 80s


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Date: September 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Top 100 Rock Songs Of The 80s

  1. Living Colour, Billy Idol, U2, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, Kenny Rogers, Bruce Springsteen, KISS, Bryan Adams, Iron Maiden, Rush, Whitesnake, Prince, Bon Jovi, Toto, Skid Row, Journey, Twisted Sister, Queen, Europe, Scorpions, Metallica, Michael Bolton, ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Phil Collins, Kansas, Tears for Fears, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Pat Benatar, Guns n Roses, Eric Carmen, Starship, VAN HALEN and DEF LEPPARD!!

  2. Although I agree with the majority of this list, and I actually like most of the songs, one of two things need to happen 1) Rename the video 100 Best Songs of the 80's, or 2)Switch out the non-rock songs with other legitimate rock songs, and leave the video title as-is. Rock songs and Soft-Rock songs should always be featured separately. Songs such as Lady or On My Own should NOT be on a list like this lol.

  3. No AC/DC at All? WTF where's Back In Black, Hells Bells, You Shook Me All Night Long, For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) and Shoot To Thrill? No Motorhead or Ozzy Osbourne, where's Ace of Spades and Crazy Train? also no Panama by Van Halen, No I Want It All or One Vision by Queen, No Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith, No Epic by Faith No More, No Phil Collins besides In The Air Tonight and No Genesis at All? What Is Going On Here?

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