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Top 20 Best Confidants in Persona 5 Royal + 19 Tips


It's time to. Unveil the hype of Persona 5 Royal and the follow up video to my best confidants in the extended version of Persona 5, after covering the 17 Best Confidants in the Vanilla version. This time, I will rank the 20/23 optional confidants, and give one tip in between every rank. Timestamps have been added for viewing convenience as this project turned out longer than expected. This is without a doubt the MOST information overload video I've ever made! Hope it's worth it!


0:00 Intro
3:38 Confidant #20
6:21 Tip 1
7:36 Confidant #19
12:20 Tip 2
13:08 Confidant #18
15:19 Tip 3
15:43 Confidant #17
17:47 Tip 4
18:31 Confidant #16
21:19 Tip 5
22:06 Confidant #15
24:37 Tip 6
25:56 Confidant #14
29:04 Tip 7
30:44 Confidant #13
33:50 Tip 8
37:50 Confidant #12
41:07 Tip 9
43:08 Confidant #11
46:25 Tip 10
48:27 Confidant #10
52:57 Tip 11
55:33 Confidant #9
59:05 Tip 12
59:59 Confidant #8
1:03:47 Tip 13
1:04:48 Confidant #7
1:08:46 Tip 14
1:09:48 Confidant #6
1:14:31 Tip 15
1:15:57 Confidant #5
1:19:33 Tip 16
1:20:40 Confidant #4
1:27:39 Tip 17
1:28:56 Confidant #3
1:33:22 Tip 18
1:34:31 Confidant #2
1:40:10 Tip 19 / Farewell Gifts
1:43:46 Confidant #1
1:49:38 Conclusion


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Date: September 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Top 20 Best Confidants in Persona 5 Royal + 19 Tips

  1. Thanks everyone for making this one of my most popular videos on the channel! I hope you can check out my other content as I have done two challenge runs on Persona 5 Royal and done a bunch of other games as well. Also, I think I should clarify a few things that some people have brought up. Click Show More to read.

    1) "Why is HE #1? I mean you state story is not important, but yet made him number 1 because of that? If that's the case, why isn't Kasumi and Akechi #2 and #3? Aren't they required for the Third Semester content?" Well first of all, yes, Maruki is required to get the Third Semester content. But he's number one because he gives you the full experience of the game, unlocks so much you can't complete with the Vanilla ending, and in my opinion, the Third Semester is a better conclusion than the Vanilla ending as I feel it adds more to the themes and story. And he's number 1 because I want newcomers to make sure they see what the new content has in store as many of them may never do a second playthrough. Also, the whole Akechi and Kasumi needing to be maxed to unlock the Third Semester is the biggest piece of misinformation on the internet. Even Nyarly gets this wrong in his No Velvet Room run. Maxing them out extends their storylines exclusive through their confidant and grants them useful skills like any other party member. But as seen in the Doing Nothing Run, you can have both Kasumi and Akechi at rank 1, and still get the Third Semester as long as Maruki is maxed. With that said, I still highly recommend maxing them out. Akechi will be the only challenging one as you need level 4 knowledge, level 3 charm, and you need him ranked up to 8 before completing the Casino Palace. But if you can max all three out, do it! Just make Maruki the highest priority.

    2) "I strongly disagree with Hifumi's placement!" Fair enough! Totally valid if you believe Hifumi is incredibly useful because yes, she is, especially for first time players. Although she's not ranked as high as her best skill is unlocked at rank 1. And as seen in the No Social Stat run, you can manage the entire game on its hardest difficulty without needing to swap party members mid battle, as long as you have your SP recovery options and save up on your somas. But regardless of where she's placed, she's still a confidant you should max out.

    3) "Hifumi was not planned as a party member. That's a common piece of misinformation." Now I have no solid proof if this fact was made up by fans or if she actually was a party member at some point. So take that fact with a grain of salt.

    4) "You pronounce so-so's name wrong!" Look I don't watch a lot of anime, so I have no doubt I'd be botching some of these Japanese names. Especially the ones that don't ever get voiced acted like "Iwai." Although, even if I pronounce it exactly like how the English voice actors pronounces it, people will still say it it's wrong. I do look through the game to make sure I pronounce certain names right before recording them, so if you still say they're wrong, that's on the English translation, not me.

    5) "Typical gay joke of two guys naked in the same tub. You know it's not uncommon for men to do that in Japan. It's natural, nothing gay." I know. That's why it's A JOKE! I don't ship Akechi and Joker together, it's just fun to make jokes on that because a lot of the fan base ships them.

    6) "Why is so or so character so low!?" Because that's how a list from least best to best works. Even Ohya who I list as the "worst" is still very useful to gain EXP when fusing Devil personas and to rank up your charm stat. Heck in order to do the part time job at the Crossroads for one the Mementos Requests, you have to have started Ohya's confidant as seen in the No Social Stat Run. Regardless of how low a character is, that doesn't mean I ill-advise bonding with them. Far from that. What I encourage is to max out as many as you can, if not all of them in one playthrough. It's just some of the top ones like Maruki, Kawakami, and Chihaya really help extend what you can do and saves time from needing to deepen a bond with a confidant. Hence why those characters are higher. Everyone's playstyle is gonna differ and the emotional investment in the characters might be a reason for that. Not everyone is gonna agree with this list's order and that's fine. Heck, if I were to do it again, I'd probably rank Akechi a bit higher since the Jazz Club is SO useful in late game, and can be an alternate way to deepen your bond with your party members while also increasing their stats. If you plan to 100% the game, the Jazz Club is the necessity to make the True Rehabilitation fight on New Game + easier as you'll be tested on strong magical damage, the use of ailments/technicals, and landing a critical per turn. You can look up a video to see what stats you need to increase to make the fight possible. It's all subjective, but the short answer is, EVERY CONFIDANT IS USEFUL. So even if I claim one is far more useful but it doesn't match your playstyle or your need to bring your waifu to bed with you, you do what you want to do. Persona is more than just a checklist for completion. It's also a personal experience. So you go by how you want to play the game and what you choose to take away from this video is up to you.

  2. Thank you for being informative going through every detail and give us tips. No wasted minutes of shittalking and interaction reminders telling to subscribe like many content creators.

  3. i literally just beat royal as im writing this and i seen this video and went "hmm, i wonder where he'll put haru" since shes the first character i romanced, and i popped off when i seen ann then haru

  4. Japanese public baths are separated by sex, taking a bath with the boys is commonplace there. No homosexual undertone, just you being offended by nothing.

  5. I’ve found that I have incredible bad luck with the confidants. I’ve been playing NG+ and gotten both Hifumi (wanna get satanael) and Akechi and I just get nervous and make coffee

    Btw do you really not need a sun persona to level up Yoshida? Cause if so I’m stupid as hell

  6. I didn't you say the ranking was perks over story? Kind of invalidates the list if Maruki is first just because he unlocks the third semester. If that's the case shouldn't Akechi and Kasumi be higher because you'd missing out on some content as well and time gained isn't any more than with Kawakmi or Chihaya.

    For me,

    1. Kawakami

    2. Chihaya

    As I mentioned with Ryuji, fusion alarms are used max out a Persona's stats and she can speed up the process. Not only that but she saves so much time maxing out your social stats and confidants that take a bit to rank up like Hifumi and Ohya even if you're optimally having out with them.

    3. Ryuji

    His instant-kill perk combine with Mishima's perk makes grinding extremely easy and game along with it. Given sometime you can easily max out all of an Persona's stats in Mementos by triggering fusion alarms with it, fusing any 2 Personas, then sacrificing result to the Persona of your choosing, and repeating that a couple times. Plus it's easy money and exp. combined with Jose's stamps.

    4. Mishima

    In all honesty, Persona 5 and Royal are really easy RPGs especially in comparison to the overall Megaten franchise. The game's main source of difficulty comes from being under-leveled so being over-leveled trivializes a lot of the difficulty which is where Mishima comes into play, giving you tons more exp. to limit the time obsessively grinding.

    5. Justine & Caroline

    Ngl Lockdown is worthless because there's more optimal way to raise a Persona's stats. What makes them so good is being able to fuse Personas of a higher level early. Take for example the 5th palace bosses' most difficulty set of enemies can be easily be taken out by 2 hits Forneus' Mapsiodyne.

    6. Takemi

    Not only the SP Adhesives but reflectors and multiple revive items that can be useful on early game of NG+ (assuming you aren't buying back your op Personas from the previous game.

    7. Futaba

    Futaba has saved me multiple times and came in clutch for the secret boss battles.

    8. Maruki

    I can count of my fingers how many times I got hit with a Status Affect between 5 playthroughs of Royal. Getting charge is cool but pales in comparison with what Futaba can do. SP recovery is cool as well but irrelevant in NG+.

    9. Sojiro

    10. Shinya

    Bullet Hail makes a lot battle go by faster and downing is nice for treasure demons and tough shadows with no weakness (even the sleep status affect does the same thing).

    11. Hifumi

    12. Yusuke

    If I being honest never used a skill card beyond making optimal personas for the two secret bosses so duplicating was ever really necessary.

    13. Yoshida

    Ryuji's instant-kill perk made negotiations almost irrelevant and you already obtain enough money as is with the same perk and by collecting Jose's stamps

    14. Iwai

    I barely even used guns outside of the first palace and almost not at all after the second palace.

    15. Kasumi

    Hifumi's perks are way more useful. Hifumi affects what happens in battle while traveling in the Metaverse.

    16. Makoto

    17. Ann

    Rather not leave it up to RNG

    18. Akechi

    19. Ohya

    This one is self-explanatory, the stealth in this game is extremely easy and you'd really have to try to raise the security level of the palaces.

    20. Haru

    After maxing out Kawakami, Takemi and Sojiro, you'll have all the SP recovery items and reflectors you can ever needed which by the time you get Haru as a confidant, you'll already have maxed out all 3 and if you have been using their abilities like I have you'll have no need for Haru's silly vegetables that take like 2-4 days to grow and have the same effect as items you get from the 3 I just mentioned. Basically her unique perks are worse versions of perks you likely already had.

  7. I feel like being number one out of necessity sort of goes against a lot of what you established for the other confidents. Like, If you really are putting such a huge emphasis on him because he's necessary for the extra Royal content, then I feel like every party member confident should be bumped up at least one slot since they get a second awakening at level ten which makes them a lot more viable in battle, covering their weaknesses (which you didn't even talk about). Also, Hifumi and Oda are essentially confidents that unlock a lot of additional battle features, and if you wanna get the most out of battling, maxing their confidents out is necessary too, which should bump them higher. I think there's a lot to rethink when you place such importance for the number one slot being necessary that get's overlooked on the others you placed lower.

    No hate to the list though, everything you said otherwise I agreed with, and I feel my list wouldn't be that much different than yours if I sat down and made one. Also, I do wanna put in here that I understand this list is more for first time players look for who to prioritize on their playthrough. Which could explain a lot of your reasoning for these decisions in the first place, and as someone that's played through both Vanilla and Royal a collective 20 or so times I can see how this can help someone who may be overwhelmed with the game.

  8. Ik what I might say could be heavily controversial, but I don't think Ohya's confidant skills are worthless. Yeah, they are very situational, but in case you have a really REALLY high security level, her confidant skills can help you in critical moments, but if you have a way lower security level, it makes the palace way safer to traverse

  9. by the way, I am fairly certain that maxing out Akechi is also necessary to unlock the third semester, which makes his confidant far more important
    and it would be logical story-wise, but I can't say why without spoiling

  10. I don't think i have ever bought SP items that aren't the SP recovery 3 items that Takemi sells… Even on Hard and Merciless on a fresh file, i never seem to go below half SP during a one day infiltration, especially in Royal… It was a little harder to manage in vanilla with guns being limited in ammo, but never to the point where i felt like the SP resources i could make or find in palaces or Mementos weren't enough to easily grind and make my way to the end.

    Hell, it was only when i was going over the trophy list to get the platinum in vanilla that i even discovered that you could buy drinks from vending machines!

  11. Ann's sexy technique was surprisingly clutch. There was even an instance of it activating 2 turns in a row when I should have died to a high level shadow. That combined with the brainwash gun made her a go to party member early on.

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