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Top 20 Scariest Horror Movies On Netflix


Netflix is your one-stop-shop for epic horror movies! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most horrifying titles the streaming giant has to offer as of March 2022. Our countdown includes “Raw”, “Crimson Peak”, “The Conjuring”, “Gerald’s Game”, “Creep”, and more! Are you brave enough to watch these films? Let us know in the comments.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Top 20 Scariest Horror Movies On Netflix

  1. Raw was the worst horror movie I ever watched, It was so incredibly boring to the point to where I was on my phone more than actually watching the movie.

  2. Own it.
    Own it.
    Saw it.
    Own it.
    Haven’t seen #16.
    Own it.
    Haven’t seen #14.
    Saw it.
    Haven’t seen #12.
    Haven’t seen #11.
    Saw it.
    Saw it.
    Saw it.
    Saw it.
    Haven’t seen #6.
    Saw it.
    Own it.
    Own it.
    Haven’t seen #2.
    Own it.

  3. So far I've watched the Perfection and Incident in Ghost Land. They were both really good, but I was left with a question at the end of the Incident. In her delusions she is a grown woman with a husband and a kid. When she snaps back to reality are they actually adults or are they still kids?

  4. Not a lot of movies bug me but The Girl Next Door made me feel dirty. Knowing that shit happened in real life (maybe no in specifics) made me want to go vigilante. Especially since I'm the dad to two girls.

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