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Top 7 Best Horror Movies of 2022


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Hello guys! In this video, we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 7 best horror of 2022 (so far). Our countdown includes “The Black Phone”, “The Cellar”, “Scream”, and more! What is your favorite 2022 horror movie? Let us know in the comments!

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Date: September 16, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Horror Movies of 2022

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  2. I think older horror movies are better than any of the new stuff that's out especially the last few years they're more or less Sci fi than horror or have a boring story bring back proper horrors like the original wrong turn & hills have eyes s

  3. If you really, really want to see real horror, go see A24 movies. The Hereditary, The Witch, Midsomnar and many more. I believe the real horror focuses one's emotions and fears, they certainly does that. These are not your typical jumpscares, but slow burning, hauntingly beautiful cinematography, a class of its own. So if you're really here for horror, i just gave you the one.

  4. scream was the most shitest horror movie i watched in my life precisely when some of their best friend died with his mother 10 minutes ago and after that the famous old journalist appear when they see her they forget them immediatly without saying that all the scenario is like : are u the killer ? no u are the killer i think she is the killer no he is the killer ….. cmon who the fuck rank this movies ? where is nope ? where is smile ? where is esther 2 ? start by watching some serious movie like heredity or annabelle 2 then learn to rank a horror movies

  5. I don't get how horror movie lovers didn't immediately criticize the Black Phone for having a serial kidnapper who keeps his victims in a room with a potential weapon that could be used against him, on the wall. Twice, the bad guy yells at the kid to hang up the phone. If the phone means that much to him, why is it on the wall? He even says that it doesn't work. Immediately I had a problem with this. I just couldnt get past this, or the 3 rolled up rugs. There should have been NOTHING in that room, except for what was absolutely necessary.

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