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Trump, Bannon Melt Down As Fox News Turns On MAGAWorld


Fox News is turning on Trump and it appears many Republicans are too. He has not been on their airwaves for over 100 days and they have ignored his recent speeches. Now, MAGA loyalist Steve Bannon is blasting the network for snubbing Trump in favor of rivals like Mike Pence. Bannon saying Pence is a “loser” and a “coward” and wonders why Fox News has “a thumb on the scale” for him. The Washington Post reports many Republican voters do not want Donald Trump to run again.

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Date: September 18, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Trump, Bannon Melt Down As Fox News Turns On MAGAWorld

  1. Trump is not above the Law Accountability Accountability 🔐🔐🔒🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐🔐
    Get Criminal Trump out of the American People's 🏠🏡🏘️🏘️🏘️🏘️🏘️🏘️🏘️🏘️
    Unfit, Psycho . Lock Trump up lock him up Accountability Accountability

  2. I swear these people think we are stupid. "My electric, water, cable, phone, food, gas, rent & a partridge in a pear tree bills have all gone up, let's just blame it on the maga, putin, republicans, or anyone that disagrees. Hello I'm from middleclass America I'm sick and tired of the left & the right pointing fingers while we are left with the bill. Character assassination's from both sides…I get it, that's part of politics but I guarantee you that we the people will vote based on the weight of our wallets. Both sides need to wise up, or get someone else that can get this in order. just my 2 cents.

  3. Glad to see Trump world in melt down. It would be immensely nicer if I didn't have to wade through endless right-wingnut ads (constantly) that g'damn YouTube world forces on me at every single turn. WTF people!.

  4. Still there is no comparison to what suspected card carrying white supremacist president Jim Crow Joe Biden is Asian vice president and the Congressional Black Caucus that caucuses for everyone but black people has done the foundational black Americans with benign neglect if not totally ignoring the financial economic or black agendas all together. It has been more black men women and children murdered buy racist resoldier police under the body regime then the Trump. Hundreds of billions of dollars spent on illegal aliens DACA Nazi ukrainians Asians white farmers while giving foundational black American symbolisms with the zero tangibles and reparations. While America keeps riding the Trump dead horse. B1 😎

  5. Bannon is enabling Trump to break the law! Hey, Steve , you are a traitor and seem desperate! Mike Pence did what the law is expected! So happy he is well! All things will come to an end soon! God will bring judgement to Trump and his cronies!

  6. bannon stole millions in fraudulent border wall fundraising scam. bannon will get lots of Mexican, Cuban, Latino, BBC in state prison No uncle donny to save him. stevie gonna look so cute in pigtails and bobbie socks with red kool aid lips. No K-Y for stevie. Cries himself to sleep every night. Get Stone, Manafort, Flynn, Kushner and Giuliani up there!!

  7. In the old days insurrection would be a ticket to the gallows John Brown had noble cause . Bannon should be behind bars already with fearless leader Captain bone spurs moscow's agent orange!

  8. I apologise for this:
    Humpty Trumpy sat on the wall
    DumpyTrumpton had a great fall..
    All of his horses and not one of his men…could put this bustard together again.AMEN.

  9. Our Constitution is under attack by Trump and his weak minded election denial freaks. Clear evidence of that is Jan. 6, 2021 when our sacred capitol was attacked and trashed. Homegrown terrorists do not believe in the rule of law like Trump. Come November you can either vote for Trumpocracy which is hate and division or Democracy which believes in the rule of laws.

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