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‘Trump Has Attacked The Institutions Of Civil Society’: Expert On New Barr DOJ Allegations


William Barr was the “chief architect” of Donald Trump’s politicization of the Department of Justice former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman alleges. Joy Reid and her panel discuss Berman’s allegations that Trump wanted Barr to put his thumb on the scales of justice and go after Trump's political rivals.
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Date: September 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “‘Trump Has Attacked The Institutions Of Civil Society’: Expert On New Barr DOJ Allegations

  1. DOJ will not charge Desantis with criminal charges for human trafficking it would look political according to AG Barr and AG Garland MEMO'S . this is the same reason Trump will never be charged , Damned the law

  2. Anyone using quotes concerning the rules of law from William Barr should be taking lessons on being truthful from Sahara Sanders. She was so truthful she lied about Donald Trump's lying.

  3. What a total witch hunt. Is Pelosi signing paychecks for DOJ and FBI employees? Hillary Clinton hosted top secret documents on an unsecured personal server with internet access. A former president holds a top secret clearance for life.

  4. another way to say it; Trump has attacked the rotten to the core cabal system which was designed to enslave us in a dystopian nightmare New World Order. It's almost done….Thanks Trump for spearheading the 2nd American revolution.

  5. Lady, You are so unprofessional. Your name calling is not reporting the news, it is communicating your personal bias. It's gross 😝 and uphauling. Find another job. First of all, you are not a prosecutor. So report the news and keep your personal opinions about others without proven evidence to yourself. Look up, Walter Cronkite. That's all that needs to be said.

  6. Liberal media is NOT showing the border crisis because of DEMOCRATS. In my state of Oregon, there is not funding to help disabled seniors with care giver assistance for any amount of hours, by which so many need, and we suffer for it greatly. When I see these illegal immigrants coming in and they are being supported with benefits and support it really makes me angry. We are citizens of America with legitimate needs, especially as seniors with disabilities who should qualify for assistance but don't get it, really burns me up. This administration is traitorous to the American people. Look at all the homeless people we already have and look at the thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants coming over the border…where does this administration plan on putting them?? I bet they will find them housing before our US homeless citizens. This is so WRONG, wrong, wrong.

  7. You gotta be freaking kidding! Democrats open the prisons, let arrested criminals out with no bail laws so they can prey upon our families again and again! Biden's open border is allowing deadly fentanyl into the country and that has killed 107,000 young people JUST IN THE LAST YEAR! Democratic policies are waging war on the American people!

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