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Trump's ex-chief of staff complies with DOJ subpoena


Former President Donald Trump's last chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has complied with a Department of Justice subpoena and handed over thousands of text messages and e-mails to prosecutors. #CNN #News


Date: September 16, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Trump's ex-chief of staff complies with DOJ subpoena

  1. Its so weird how they keep using the word "Insurrection". It so obviously was nothing of the sort. Perhaps to all the people who never knew what the word meant in the first place, this will work. However, to the others it just comes off sounding so moronic.

  2. CNN shouldn't sell their morals for a piece of Fox's action. There's only so many simple minded people to be swayed the majority are intelligent strong willed AMERICAN'S ! Ratings will fall faster ! Report the truth and only the truth it's your job !

  3. Let not your heart be trouble because the US AG, DOJ, NY State AG, Atlanta and NYC Prosecutors will indict Trump and his accomplices for trying to over throw the USA Government. Trump and his accomplices will not be able to escape justice like they did with Congress. The US AG, DOJ, NY State AG, Atlanta and NYC Prosecutors will have more authority and power to force Trump and his accomplices to reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth to We the People.

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  5. Everything reeks inflation in the economy don't know who , however a person desires to pay attention to this , you have to stop relying on the government and saving all of your money . Venture into making an investment a few in case you actually want monetary freedom 💸💸🇱🇷

  6. Does a president or ex-president get executive privilege when he's seditiously conspiring to overturn and election by sending/inviting a mob to Congress to take back the country by taking back a stolen election? Can anyone claim executive privelege to commit crime like not defending Congress when its under attack and its plain that people have not only broken past 3 established barricades but have broken into Congress' window en masse and are trying to smash through a guarded set of doors? How can any president sit and do nothing when people are calling him to inform him that he needs to call off his mob and he sits and does nothing? How can Trump claim to have been Commander in Chief and not defend Congress from a mob of domestic enemies intent on harming the speaker of the House and hanging the vice president. Trump is not worthy of extending executive privilege for treason after directing an armed mob to Congress. He should be given 5 life sentences, one for each person killed at his seditiously conspired event that he directed. Trump is responsible for not endorsing a peaceful transference of power but plotting to send false alternative electors and plotting to have republican senators falsely object to electoral votes cast for the election. Trump is responsible for trying to get Georgia's secretary of state to find 11,780 votes so that he could win its election. After 2 years of not acting on the Jan 6th insurrection the Justice department needs to stop slacking off and do their jobs. With as much money as the Justice department spends every years, you would think enough money has been paid out to convict everyone in the mob and the seditious conspirators who plotted at the Willard Hotel in what Bannon named the War Room. The name describes what the waged, war, on this nation with armed insurrectionist. The minute Trump was informed that his rally goers were armed he should have told them to go home, not to Congress or anywhere else. His intent to inflict harm is obvious and echoed by his historical use of his crowds to do damage to people who oppose him or disagree with his politics. He's even gone so far as to tell his rally goers that he would pay their legal fees for their violence and told convention goers that he would pardon the insurrectionists that he directed. This isn't just aiding and abetting the enemy its providing comfort and protection from our legal system. The legal system that Trump swore to uphold and defend by what I thought was a solemn oath but appears to have been just words that he has no intention of ever honoring let alone following. Trump should never be allowed to occupy any governmental position of trust ever again.

  7. Meadows was quick to cooperate by handing Jan 6th the least incriminating information (including texts) that he has, to ensure that he's seen to be an upstanding fellow, and can claim 'but I have been cooperating'. What's the bet that he has a stack more stuff and it's all way way worse!!!!!

  8. He gave the same records that he gave Congress, so he’s still not being forthcoming.How is this going to help, he will try to challenge the chain of custody, or make evidence inadmissible. these traitors care nothing for the country and only think of themselves. And the fact Trump isn’t handcuffed and being Interrogated, his theft of classified documents is mind boggling, He’s not president and has NO privilege, immunity, or,pardon power.

  9. “ yes, I have the best treasonous lawyer. No one does treason better than me, I am really really good at it and my friend Mark is the best, … I hope he doesn’t disappoint me, because then I won’t like him as much “.

  10. I never thought I'd live to see one man ruin America like Hitler ruined Germany and Putins ruining Russia , but I guess our government is going to stand by and watch it happen and not do a Damn thing.

  11. It's time trump and his little so called posse is called out or he will try snd blackmail everything. Which will intimidate people safely for voting. I personally would ask the army to protect voters as is goons and bullies will be there, it's time to nip this traitor in the bud he sold secrets, caused insurrection, ripped the public off nearly billions. Its time to show no one is allowing a putin in America. Just say the word and I'll put a new hole in his head, but I realised by what biden said 2 wrongs don't make a right. Anyone that has sense will hopefully will not sercome to bullying or dictatorship. God bless America 🇺🇸

  12. Its like this shit goes on and on. Everyday they start a new investigation with no ending on the other ones. The talking heads saying the same things over and over.

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