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Summer Vacation Haul


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I recently vacationed for two weeks with my family in Bahrain. It was an utterly life-changing experience, and this is a haul of the clothes, food and accessories that I brought home. Hope you like!

Fun fact about dates: When I went to the Bahrain fort, I learned that they made little paths in rooms in which they would place many dates then collect the syrup. The soldiers would drink date syrup for energy and nutrition, it was like their energy drink! Dates supposedly were the life-blood of that civilization.

It has also come to my attention that some people prefer it to be called the Arabian Gulf. I’ve mostly heard it referred to as the Persian Gulf, hence my usage of the name. No offense intended! You can safely assume that I’m never out offend any group of people, and things like this are usually misunderstandings on my part.

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Things Mentioned:
-Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Bag
-“Camel Eye” cookies
-Dates, Regular dates, chocolate covered dates, pitted dates with almonds inside
-Oolong tea
-Mom’s pineapple tarts
-Manuka honey
-Black seed honey
-Masala, biryani and other curry spices
-Shoes from Piccadilly
-Sun Hat from H&M
-Sunglasses from Mango
-Waist belt from H&M
-Socks, no idea where they came from. Thanks Mom.
-Shorts from H&M
-Scalloped tops from Topshop
-Summer dresses from Mango
-Striped spandex skirt from H&M
-High-waisted watercolor shorts from Topshop

Outfit: Top from H&M and jeans from Guess

The reason why I got so many dates is because the ones in the Middle East are so full, juicy and delicious. They’re the perfect dessert and I love hitting my sugar cravings with a quality date! >

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Added on: January 23, 2024

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