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trying on every single item of clothing i own *EXTREME CLOSET CLEAN OUT 2022*


hello you spicy bean! my name is harriet and this week i am back with another extreme closet cleanout (where i try on every single item of clothing i own lol).

part 1:
part 2:

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✲ What's your actual name: Harriet
✲ Where did “scrivspo” come from: it's a nickname based off my surname!
✲ How old are you: 26 (I'm a '96 bby and I'm an Aries if ur curious)
✲ Where do you live: Sydney, Australia
✲ When did you start your channel: during lockdown in 2020
✲ Where did “spicy beans” come from: Idk, I've always said it and now it's the name of our cute lil community!! How cute!


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Date: September 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “trying on every single item of clothing i own *EXTREME CLOSET CLEAN OUT 2022*

  1. Omg- I was doing a closest clean out the other day, and I had your exact sentiments about a dress, as you had about the crochet dress. It is a "sensible looking" dress, and it was really expensive. BUT I hate it 😄

  2. I need to do a closet clean out as well. I tend to be a bit flamboyant and all over the place with my style. Add to that a variety of jobs that had different needs/requirements and you've got a crazy mess. LOL
    I would have struggled to part with the sequence white shirt. I get attached to fun pieces like that which are so hard to style unless you go super basic like a black mini.

  3. If you don't wear a piece then get rid of it. Easier said than done. But in your new place, if something isn't working, put it to the side out of sight and if you forget about it: automatic donation.

  4. I feel like cups built into clothes are just so pointless, if you have big boobs they never fit inside and if you have small boobs they don’t fill them. Like the fashion industry just needs to drop the ‘cup trend’

  5. If you wanted to with the black jumpsuit at 4:00, you could take off the buttons and replace them or just put little metal snap buttons on. you could also cut off the tie. or put a belt ring on it.
    Then maybe it would be a definite keep.

  6. Rompers are the enemies of those of us with short torsos/are short. I am both. I once found a petite sized one from the 90's at a thrift shop and it's the only romper/jumpsuit I've ever tried that fit.
    So when you mentioned being a shorter gal and then you pulled out the jumpsuit…..

  7. I love love love your closet clean outs! Very entertaining but also just a chill video to watch. Just left my family to go back to uni (like every summer but I just never get used to it) so it’s a great distraction from homesickness.

    Also this is probably the first clean out where I 100% agree with all your choices haha

  8. Had to comment to say those thrifted Levi's you got altered are legit perfect!!! Trust me- they will soon become ur everyday jeans if you basically treat them like comfy pants/sweats. Personal style life hack, vintage levis make it absolutely perf

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