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Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/15/22 FULL HD | FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP September 15, 2022


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Date: September 16, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/15/22 FULL HD | FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP September 15, 2022

  1. The Left is emboldened by their stealing of this last election with impunity. The DOJ and SCOTUS are corrupt. Do you think the Justice Alito decision on Roe v Wade wasn't a political tool? Look at the timing. Look at who it pissed off.

  2. Opening the borders was done on purpose to weaponize human beings so that America can be torn down. They want you to own nothing and like it. Every member of WEF should be hung. That would be all world leaders. This is being done as part of the 10 year plan for the new world order. Why don't you just say it?!

  3. Drop off homeless veterans on Martha’s Vineyard and let’ them dare have the balls to complain about them being there! Why don’t veterans get their Martha’s Vineyard?

  4. Hopefully it won't take long for the immigrants to find their way to the Obama house. Plenty of room for all! Obama is all about diversity, right? Well here you go, Barrack! Don't be a hypocrite again!

  5. Plenty of land in TX. Tiny home communities with solar for power and incineration toilets. Done. This isn't brain science. When you open borders, you better have infrastructure like I just explained ready to roll.

  6. They lived off they live off the Chinese money cuz he went behind the door and sign in agreement with commissary or commissary or what's it called communist treason what's the other words lying lied lied lied supposed to defend the USA they went right behind her back why don't you dig more maybe they got an account in Costa Rica with a boat with no flag you ever thought about that maybe they're about to run to Costa Rica but they forgot their daughters have to live in the state make their money because they ain't going to go down to Costa Rica cuz here they're making money off the US brand of they didn't have nothing when they first came in but hear all these kids are homeless but they're making money they're not going down there and giving any homeless money like $500 find them a building where they lived in their Shack Remember The Beverly Hillbillies you know it wasn't white Beverly Hillbillies

  7. Why doesn't the real reason live in Martin Valley in Martin Villa whatever it is anyway why don't they give all their clothes and Dexter health start to the homeless black families are starving them just looking at with a mouth open want to banana wife in kids now that stuff

  8. This is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Hypocrisy. I really wonder how anyone can still vote democrat anymore. You have to leave your brain at the door when you go to vote democrat.

  9. There are Americans that live in tents in the woods of Martha's Vineyard because they can't afford to live there. I suppose the Venezuelans will join them. No one is using anyone for politricks. What about when Biden opened the borders? Isn't that using people as weapons? Fcked up matrix.

  10. Oh come on now Tucker. You're no better than Obama, you don't give a crap about anything but views, followers, and endorsements. You cater to the lowest common denominator with cherry picked data, embellishments just like the liberals do.

  11. The destruction of the United States is exactly what the Dems want. They want The Constitution to be abolished, martial law, and autocratic & dictatorial rule for themselves. They want the destruction of the white working class so that THEY alone can be the only whites in America perpetually ruling over minorities. They want to return the world to the feudal system with Lords, Barons, Counts, Marquises, Earls, Dukes, and Kings. All occupied by themselves with a few token minorities who lick their boots.

  12. This proves they are the racist. They are scared 😱 of them because they have never been around people like them. Immigrants live all over America. They put them in republican states. Obama is whiter than white. Please. 🤪 😜 🤪 😜

  13. What about all these black homeless kids are starving and and these people are on drugs and homeless people they're all black why don't you go down there and give them $5,000 a piece she can afford it cuz remember she was in that hole too what's going on she forgot her black Buddies

  14. Now they made it big and they're big black family and we all love each other but what happened to their black buddies when they're in jail they don't have what about the money why didn't they put that house for the help in the homeless remember they didn't have any money when she came in she look like a crap look at her now she's all cleaned up brand new house brand new stuff but when they came in they didn't have nothing so why don't they give their money and go down to the homeless shelter to be working down there and mudding it up see they forgot their black friends see they got real big and that isn't that the first black person went to Martha

  15. But then they're saying $240,000 a year they're making they have to be making a lot more than that because that house is what 1530 well I don't know 32 Acres I don't know but more money than we got so somebody must have gave them that house

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