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Unbelievable Bird Behaviours | BBC Earth


Birds can be jewel thieves, fish hunters, dancers and more!

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Date: September 17, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Unbelievable Bird Behaviours | BBC Earth

  1. Nature is amazing and relaxing. Our senses become quiet while watching it and listening to it. Increasingly faster pace of life and ever louder environment force you to constantly search for new, natural methods of relaxation. That is why we create sounds to calm the nerves and facilitate a healthy and restful sleep.

  2. I like birds so much evey morning they singing for me and waking me up outside the window. When I hear their songs. maybe they're just arguing. I knew I'm still alive and it's a new day again .

  3. Nice to see this bit about the Satin Bowerbird. Yes, they occur in the forests of south-eastern Australia. They are also an inhabitant of Australia's capital city, Canberra. Where I live. The Satin Bowerbird is a common species in my garden and throughout most of the suburbs of this city, especially in winter. If we look closely we do find their bowers in densely vegetated parts of the gardens. I am curious as to the Black-crowned Night-Heron with the Black Swans. As the Black Swan is native only to Australia where the Black-crowned Night-Heron doesn't occur. Presumably the Black Swans are feral populations introduced to other countries, the narrator mentions Hawaii. Bread is not food to a Night-Heron, only fish and small animals. jj

  4. "Dolphins and birds team up…" would be accurate if the birds were contributing something to the interaction, but they don't. So it would be more accurate to say "Birds eat dolphin's leftovers"

  5. That Hank shows another level of thinking by not eating the bread but instead, using it to catch fish which have more nutrition. Reminds me of that famous experiment where they told kids they can eat a candy or wait and get two candies. Hank would have waited, and embarrassing enough to say, some human kids failed and couldn't resist eating the first candy ie unlike Hank, they ate the bread and couldn't get the fish lol

  6. I felt I'm flying like a bird over amazon. this video has an amazing vibe, releases stress and super relaxing and soothing for the mind. Thanks to the entire crew members behind this video.🌴save nature….🌳

  7. That outro music always makes me dream about all the things there are to discover on this planet and how mind resting it is to connect with nature in any sense. Thank you BBC for theses amazing pictures.

  8. I heard somewhere that birds just can not control when they poop….

    But then i thought to myself, why on this green Earth would their design, as huge contributors to the eco system, allow control over the distribution of seeds.

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