California to New York: A Complete Road Trip


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This is a complete road trip compilation from Santa Monica, California to New York City over eight different days from June-September, 2017 – all recorded in time-lapse at 4fps (nearly 100,000 frames total). Of the 3,253 miles (5,235 kilometers) driven, about 3 miles of this drive is missing, mostly in Colorado near Poncha Springs. Nearly all of this drive was done in daytime, but there is about 10 minutes of this video done in darkness in Arizona (about 1:00:00 to 1:10:00). The weather was good for the most part, except from Pennsylvania all the way to the Bronx, before clearing up in Manhattan. This trip also includes driving through the solar eclipse of August 21 in Nebraska (at about 3:30:00), as well as driving over the old Tappan Zee Bridge in upstate NY, which permanently closed a month later with the opening of the new Mario M Cuomo Bridge adjacent to it.

The states passed through are
California (0:00:35-0:40:54)
Arizona (0:40:54-1:40:26)
New Mexico (1:40:26-1:41:09)
Colorado (1:41:09-3:07:17)
Nebraska (3:07:17-3:51:05)
Iowa (3:51:05-4:24:17)
Illinois (4:24:17-4:50:42)
Indiana (4:50:42-5:10:51)
Ohio (5:10:51-5:39:13)
West Virginia (5:39:13-5:40:48 & 5:47:09-5:51:52)
Pennsylvania (5:40:48-5:47:09 & 6:04:43-6:32:49)
Maryland (5:51:52-6:04:43)
New York (6:32:49-6:50:03)

The cars driven in this video are
Santa Monica to Omaha: 2017 Nissan Altima
Omaha to Cumberland, MD: 2014 Honda Odyssey
Cumberland to Hagerstown, MD: 2017 Dodge Ram
Hagerstown, MD to NYC: 2015 Acura MDX.

The highest elevation of the drive was 11,539 ft (3,517 m) at 2:28:10. The highest elevation anywhere on the U.S. interstate system is 11,158 ft (3,401 m) at 2:33:41. Both of these elevations are two of the three continental divide crossings; the other, at 2:04:38 (10,856 ft / 3,309 m), is the first.

The hottest temperature of this trip was 110 F (43 C) in Needles, California (about 0:40:16), and the coldest temperature of this trip was 53 F (11 C) in Tusayan, Arizona (about 1:10:04) – only about 230 miles (370 km) from Needles.

Here’s the compilation of New York to California:
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