Driving Across the USA (No Highways) 2,800+ Miles…


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Hop in the passenger seat with me as we take a road trip across the USA (well, halfway across the USA) from North Dakota to California. This journey was over 2,800 miles long!

My name is Andre, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to watch this video. The road trip you are watching was over 6 days long and I had an absolute blast filming the sights and sounds the whole way.

In this video we travel through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and California. I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did filming, editing, and creating it.

If you like this video, more content is on the way as I am currently filming the next one. Subscribe if you’d like to spend more time with me.

Thank you again for visiting the channel and spending some time here!


00:00:00 Where Are We Going & How?!
00:00:37 Devil’s Lake, North Dakota!
00:01:38 Where Is the Center of North America?
00:02:15 Have you Ever Picked Up a Hitchhiker?
00:03:23 Welcome To Montana!
00:04:48 Have You Ever Seen a Shooting Star?
00:05:26 So Happy I Can Share the Beauty of This Trip With You!
00:06:33 Snack Time!
00:07:11 I Took a Bath In the River!
00:08:33 Onward To Yellowstone!
00:09:29 I Enjoyed the Time To Think In the Car…
00:09:52 Waking Up Somewhere In Idaho…
00:10:29 I Changed the Route (It Got Longer)!
00:10:56 Flying Through Oregon!
00:11:53 I Needed This Workout…
00:13:33 The Start of a Beautiful Day!
00:14:24 The Sand Dunes of Oregon (WOW)!
00:15:11 I Was In My FEELS During This Drive…
00:16:03 Then This Happened…
00:17:07 We Made It To California!
00:17:48 We Finally Hit Traffic In San Francisco!
00:18:25 Ticking Off Highways Adds a Lot of Time!
00:18:53 The Pigeon Point Lighthouse & Beach!
00:19:49 Big Chillin’!
00:21:18 Welcome To Pismo Beach, California!
00:23:48 My Thoughts On Pismo Beach!
00:25:30 Let’s Finish This Road Trip!
00:26:25 I Have a Confession To Make!
00:27:40 We Have Arrived At Our Destination!
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