Motorcycling Across America (US) – EP1 – NY to WA


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In September 2019, I left Brooklyn to travel the country alone on my 2008 Triumph Bonneville. Upon leaving, I could never have anticipated everything that I’d encounter over the next month. These videos do little justice to the feeling of driving alone into an endless horizon, the relief of a stranger helping you out of an impossible situation, the suppressing heat of a desert sun on a leather jacket, the desperation of hoping for a gas station around the next corner, the warmth of a motel room after a 7 hour drive through the rain, the conversations had, the loneliness felt, and the joy of completing the last of 9,275 miles. Even so, I hope these glimpses will serve as inspiration for someone to dive headfirst into the unknown and unfamiliar, and for myself to look back and be reminded of the adventure of a lifetime.

INSTAGRAM: @jakeridesaway

For anyone looking for more details on this trip, I had the honor of talking about it on my friend Kyle’s podcast:

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Added on: January 24, 2024

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