New York to Los Angeles by Amtrak Sleeper Train


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Today I’m taking this Amtrak sleeper train across the USA from New York to Los Angeles. The journey will take around 62 hours, passing through 12 states and 3,000 miles. I’m actually taking my Dad along with me today so let’s see how we get on in a roomette, and then for the longer stage of the journey the Amtrak Bedroom. I’ll show you what the dining options are like for each meal, the variety of classes, from First Class to coach and how you shower onboard. This is one of the longest train journeys I’ve taken to date and I can’t wait to share with you each step of the way.

Now this is a little different to many of my other train adventures, you can’t exactly call this luxury but it’s iconic and showcases the excitement of travelling across the entire continent of North America by train. You see things differently when crossing by rail.

0:00 – Intro
1:47 – My Roomette
5:57 – Bedtime
8:10 – Chicago
10:24 – Amtrak Bedroom
14:28 – Dinner
17:31 – Colorado
19:16 – Observation Car
23:17 – New Mexico
25:23 – California / Cost
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Added on: January 27, 2024

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