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00:00 Intro
01:02 How much MrBeast’s studio costs
02:30 Why MrBeast stayed in his hometown
05:11 MrBeast’s history with spending money
09:30 Discovering MrBeast’s old videos
13:55 MrBeast on the value of creator friends
16:26 How MrBeast hired people
19:01 MrBeast’s first YouTube studio
20:50 MrBeast’s finances
23:20 MrBeast asked Netflix for money
24:43 Creators should know about this
26:00 MrBeast’s team
28:00 The problem with Hollywood
29:50 MrBeast on the value of retention
35:30 MrBeast on planning future videos
37:14 How MrBeast makes a perfect video
43:00 Meeting MrBeast’s cameraman Tareq
48:55 MrBeast’s crazy ideas
52:00 Does MrBeast have a life outside YouTube?
54:17 MrBeast vs Pewdiepie
55:05 MrBeast on YouTube Boxing
57:59 What MrBeast could do better
1:00:06 MrBeast on his insane spending habits
1:02:55 MrBeast’s faith in YouTube
1:03:47 MrBeast on Beast Burger
1:07:34 Why MrBeast wants to be the biggest YouTuber
1:09:32 MrBeast’s favorite hobbies
1:14:11 MrBeast on increasing retention
1:19:00 MrBeast’s hardest videos to make
1:28:00 MrBeast on Emma Chamberlain
1:30:04 MrBeast on starting a podcast
1:34:05 Analytics with MrBeast
1:37:24 MrBeast on spending a billion dollars
1:38:34 Does MrBeast get burnt out?
1:39:40 MrBeast on being buried alive
1:43:03 Why MrBeast dropped out of college
1:49:20 MrBeast’s $10 million studio
1:52:59 Samir speaks hindi
1:54:23 Giveaway

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