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Valley senior living in car after rent increase


ABC15 caught up with Clay in a Tempe library parking to find out how she and her dog have adapted to living in her Honda CRV.


Date: September 16, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Valley senior living in car after rent increase

  1. Yet I watched a video where they stated the economy was good. That housing only went up 3-5%. And everything else is coming back down. Defund Congress until they walk in our shoes.

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  8. Ms. Gail you look FANTASTIC for a 63 year old woman, wow!!! I've been going to the gym for 2 straight years and nowhere near.
    You are also Smart too, I wish the best & YES thank you 4 the reminder, stay Sane!! I hope you get approved 4 senior housing soon… ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

  9. This old woman is sleeping in a car in the Arizona heat. What if she bakes like in an oven in there? I guess it cools down at night, but what about in the day if she runs out of places to go? It is fun for a short time like a month, but forever? What is she supposed to do, wait two years for senior housing like that with gas so expensive?

    How hard is it to put a cap on rental increases? The agenda isn't to help Americans but for corporations to destroy them. I think the cap in NJ is 5% per year, but only if you are on rental assistance. Why can't that be for everyone? It seems like good tenants are getting hurt as much as good landlords while greedy and selfish ones are taking advantage all over.

  10. There's a part of me that wants to do this. I rent from my parents right now but I don't have total freedom. I know this is probably a tough life to live in a car but the freedom you have is what I'm drawn to. I contacted an apartment complex in my state and offered to pay 6 months rent in advance if they'd be willing to bypass the income requirement (cause I don't make enough) and they said no. Honestly, what are people supposed to do?!

  11. Shameful that in USA we are allowing seniors to live in a car. Horrible greedy people! America is sending all our hard earned money to war. When we are going through a WAR right here and now!!!! โ€ฆ. Bless this women GOD. Give her strength.

  12. Years ago, my apartment flooded. I moved out even after paying that month's rent. I found out people were moving in and out of that apartment because it would flood at least once or more every 6 months. The place flooded twice in the 6 months that I was there. The landlord had the nerve to keep my security deposit. I told them that I would contact the city on them. After that, they sent me the full amount. they were lucky I didn't ask for the full month of rent back too.

  13. They're just trying to get every dollar they can from her, it's nothing but a rip off. I hope you have a good ending to this and things get better for you going forward. Take care dear.

  14. This is what happens when you encourage corporations to run a country by providing them with tax incentives and tax loopholes. Corporations are NOT people, therefore they don't care about people. Our government doesn't care about it's own citizens. There is no safety net here. It is not like Canada or Europe where there is someone there to help you out if it all goes bad. In the USA if it all goes bad, you're out on the street. Is it any wonder there is so much anger and violence here?

  15. the hell do you go 6 decades on this planet and NOT have a place to call home?! I raised my son by my self
    ZERO help from his mother. I married a girl big mistake. Had 2 kids had to pay her double child support for a very long time. While supporting my and I.
    Honestly I don't know how I did it.
    I worked all the time. When it was over all I wanted was a 2 bedroom condo.
    So I moved to Minnesota and bought one for 70k. My mortgage payment is $300 pet month. I have no car payment no credit card debt and stress! If I can pull this off so can you. Peace

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