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Van Life: Storage containers for car camping


van life , Van Life: Storage containers for car camping , , YfyA-zOpHQk , , , 557 , 5.00 , Most of the containers I am showing you can easily find. Low in cost. Very affordable for someone who is financially strapped. These are perfect for camping boondocking van dwelling and the nomad lifestyle.

Take your time and think things through.

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Date: February 17, 2023

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24 thoughts on “Van Life: Storage containers for car camping

  1. Hey Lindy , ya know I grew up using a ziplock 1 time n throwing it out after.. 🤯🤦🏽‍♀️
    Getting older I realize how useful/reusable they r 😉. When we were in the trailer I would go shopping n repackage all the boxes n big package stuff, portion them out, zip lock , lay flat n I could maximize my fridge space 😉
    Ur very organized my friend 👍 thanks for sharing

  2. WOAHHH😍❤️ OMG That's Amaaaazing 🤗💗✨ Thankk Youuu Soooo muchhh for the Tips🥰💕 This was such an Enjoyable And Fun Video To Watch😊💛✨ Simply LOVE it💖 Keep On Going Beautiful💙🧿✨

  3. I love the huge storage bags from dollar tree. Usually find them near coat hangers and closet items. Rats, mice, rodents can chew thru 5 gal. Buckets, plastic bins, totes, Tupperware, etc. I like to keep all bagged items in metal tins that cookies or popcorn comes in.

  4. Interesting to me in watching nomads just how differently each of you choose to store items away for one example.
    I would need it all hidden behind curtains or doors lined up nicely.
    Sure do enjoy your channel – you are so down to earth and friendly❤️

  5. Very smart using zip bags for storage everything you need.
    Simple and efficiently at the same time. Thanks for tips 💖😉🙏⚘️

  6. You can even purchase giant Ziplock bags for clothing and bedding. Looks like a sandwich bag you can fit your bedding into. We used them when we had a pest control issue some years ago. We still use the ones that are left! 🙂 So handy!

  7. Yes yes, great idea, that's it Museum putty and boxes I tear them down and use them as fire starters for cooking outside or bomb fire. I love and use the reusable Ziploc bag idea

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