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Varney on Biden's border crisis as DeSantis sends migrants to Martha's Vineyard


FOX Business host Stuart Varney argues Biden should admit that his border policies are ‘cruel' and ‘inhumane.'

STUART VARNEY: Wednesday, the governor of Florida ordered two planes, loaded with migrants, to be flown to…Martha’s Vineyard.

After all, Massachusetts is a sanctuary state. DeSantis is rightly fed up with paying for Biden’s open border. 

He has a sense of humor. Martha’s Vineyard is loaded with rich liberals!

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Date: September 16, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Varney on Biden's border crisis as DeSantis sends migrants to Martha's Vineyard

  1. Most of those immigrants were Venezuelans looking for refuge in Florida, where they have relatives. Monster DeSantis separated them. Venezuelan Americans will remember in November. Why don’t republicans fine and imprison the republicans businessmen hiring illegals?

  2. LMAO, the fool doesn't realize illegals below the border and already in U.S. Southern states will now be headed to Florida to get their golden ticket to paradise. Congratulations. Let's see how funny it is when the influx starts.

  3. I’m fed up with “law and order” people that just broke the law. If they were not illegal it is called kidnapping. If they were they were supposed to give them to ICE. Either way desantis broke the law. And so did abbot you giant hypocrites!!!!!

  4. What a f*ckin bum this president is. Having a wide open border – and not speaking on it – is a purposeful act to commit to a one world socialist policy on US citizens. Middle class pays the fare for these illegal aliens (not migrants). I never gave this man a climate mandate, another talking point hoax. I am one fed up American.

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