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Venus Fall Fashion & Try-On! Clothes For Women Over 60!


Venus Fall Fashion Show – Try On Haul with 20% Discount Offer! This video is in collaboration with VENUS. Get 20% off anything you purchase by shopping the links below – discount automatically applied at checkout, valid for the next 5 days or up until SEPTEMBER 15th – I am so happy to be here tonight! I missed you so much!!!

Look 1
High-Low Corset Top:
Belted High-Waist Trousers:

Look 2
Color Block Boyfriend Blazer:

Look 3
Faux-Suede-And-Fur Coat:
Python Clutch:

Look 4
Wrap Balloon Sleeve Sweater:
Hoop Earrings Set:

Look 5
Plaid Sweater Set:
Smocked Waist Wide Leg Pants:

Look 6
Peplum Peacoat:
Sherpa Lace-Up Booties:
” It's My Party If I Want To”

The beautiful White Ruffle Top I Am Wearing Here As I Talk, By Venus, Has Sold Out !

Thank you VENUS for Sponsoring This Video!!! I had so much fun and I love your clothes!
I am 67 Years Old
5'3 – Measurements Are 40 – 32 – 40
Dress – USA 10 or 12 or Med
Pants – USA 10 or 12
Tops – Large
Shoes 8
This Video is Sponsored BY VENUS!
This is a fun try-on VENUS and I am truly so excited to share with you the new fall clothes I picked out this year~! All the clothes will be perfect for special fall events with many going easily from day to night! I take you along as I explore 6 new outfits

I hope you like the video, and please have a safe new week!!!
Love to you and yours always!
Susan & Desi
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not affiliated with VENUS but rather
This Giveaway is sponsored by me personally to say Thank You To My Subscribers!
Winners will be drawn next Saturday, September 17th – Each winner will win a $100 to shop at Venus for a fall outfit!
To Enter, you must be:
1. At Least 18 years Old
2. Be A Subscriber of My Channel, LittlePoet
3. Have a PayPal Account
4. Leave a Comment picking your favorite outfit and/or use the word “sassy” in a sentence!

Thank you so much for being here….Desi and I love you to the moon and back!
Let me know what was your favorite outfit!!!

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Date: September 16, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Venus Fall Fashion & Try-On! Clothes For Women Over 60!

  1. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!! Yes, I remember it well and danced in my living room when it played on the radio or on American Bandstand! Each outfit looked beautiful on you. I think SASSY is the word I would attribute to the suede fur coat, the sweater with the waist tie belt and the white cotton blouse with the high low hemming. I loved the shoes and I think they have a little SASSYness to them as well. Actually, I think any of the outfits could be sassified with the right jewelry and hairstyle. I will definitely be looking at each outfit and am really interested in the white blouse and the sweater with the waist belt. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  2. Susan you are so smart. I do likewise I shop for my winter looks in Fall. It just seems the garments are more exquisitely tailored. My favorite the Color Block Blazer ; Sassy !Love you and Desi both🙏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼

  3. When you mentioned something being “cute to wear on stage” I heard – ding ding ding! I’m a 62 year old back up singer for an Elvis tribute show, so I ordered myself a pair of faux leather black pants, and 5 other pieces! 🖤Thanks to you I’m gonna be a “sassysaurus” in those pants on my next gig! 🖤 them, and you!

  4. Well, hands down, the clear winner is the very first one with the high low white shirt and black pants. You look tall and slim in This outfit. The pea coat and the boots looked really good too-you don’t have any no no’s but I would wear the white to meet your friends. Add some eye catching, sexy, and sassy sparkling jewelry and you will be out of site!! Take pics! Love your channel.

  5. Susan, just got through watching your video from 3 years ago about finding your father. You,dear lady, are one of the strongest women I know…and I admire your determination and your grace in handling your family dynamics! You are delightful! kf

  6. Thank you Susan for the fashion shows and tips. It has inspired me to try and step it up a bit with my wardrobe. You make me smile, laugh and look at life thru a positive angle. Adore you….Deb in Southern Oregon

  7. Oh boy, that Desi, looking at the swim suit models! You look good in all those outfits, I love them all. I really love the pea coat and the plaid sweater set. Have a wonderful lunch with your school friends, that sounds great.

  8. Sexy,sassy,elegant, and casual all combined in the fur coat. Love it! I have a cream colored waistcoat in that material with faux fur. I pair it with jeans and it still feels elegant. It’s 13 years old and still in style. It’s an attention grabber and good for a day when feeling a bit off. You look fabulous in it as you always do in all your videos. Thank you and I’m ordering a few things from Venus!

  9. Everytime you do a fashion show the pieces you pick are great because of the SASSY way you style them coupled with your infectious personality as you show off the outfits. You have such a youthful sense of style! I can't pick a fav this time. You are your SASSY self in all of them!

  10. Dear Susan, Why is it that when I see the clothing in the catalog, the don’t have near the appeal as they do on you? I did love the sassy black & beige jacket on you. But what I truly adored was the delicate white blouse you were wearing. Can you share if that is available. I think Desi was more interested in the swimsuit section…the little scamp🥰 As always you make the clothes because you glow! Love you, sweet lady❤️

  11. I have to have the "Wrap Balloon Sleeve Sweater," in my life. At 64 I feel that wearing stylish clothing is a must. Life is good and I feel SASSY as ever!

  12. Thank you Susan for a great video! You just light up the screen and gave a fantastic fashion show! I thought that on the plaid cardigan outfit I loved it with the belt and peplum style top and the wide leg bottoms. And sassy boy you are and some. You are a doll! ♥️✌🏼

  13. I loved the SASSY sweater set! It looks amazing – both casual and classy. I think I'm going to order it. Also those high waisted black pants looked great with the set.

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