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WATCH: Biden speaks about electric vehicles at the Detroit auto show


President Biden speaks about electric vehicles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Sept. 14. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Date: September 17, 2022

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44 thoughts on “WATCH: Biden speaks about electric vehicles at the Detroit auto show

  1. Charge them all up with Coal, Natural gas and Nuclear power, with no grid to do so ! Cant wait to see all these on the side of the road with dead batteries. Just be sure to make it to the shoulder please, so we can wave as we pass by real ICE cars and trucks.

  2. the president, and his senators signed off on torturing me Jimmy demit

    Northway alaska i have the biggest police misconduct case in history and

    is cops torture me with high pitch sound all damn day for 17 years. he does

    nothing. high black ops cops do whatever they please, news is censored. help me

    i have no rights. the us governemt outright bans my right to tithe and read the bible, in peace

  3. US does not have the power grid. Also why is everyone ignoring each manufacturer has a different charger? Imagine driving a Chevy and only being able to get fuel at a Chevy gas station.

  4. Your "American" car is 90% Chinese and other foreign parts, assembled in Canada or Mexico.
    What's the point in buying American, stuffing the pockets of UAW bosses? I'd rather buy a Toyota.

  5. Who pays…..YOU DO!

    Biden’s reckless spending, recession, inflation, attack on our energy sector, and surrender of our southern border.

    Inflation and fuel at a 40 year high. Never underestimate Biden’s ability to F things up!!!

  6. And giving billions and billions of dollars to the auto manufacturer company is a great idea and that these electric cars we're definitely help out the homeless people those who are making minimum wage the working class or maybe those people who are social security with fixed incomes or maybe some middle class who can afford to buy food or gasoline or pay the rents and their mortgages

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  8. in a few years millions of decrepid, broken down old clunker electro-deathtraps will be scraped…kinda like fumbling/bumbling bribe-den & deadbeat father crackhead hunter…BOTH COMMIES ARE TRASHY DC CREATURES

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