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What I Bought For A Slumbering Market [Clothing Haul for Whatnot / Ebay]


Upcoming Whatnot auction, Friday the 9th at 5pm Pacific:

This is a relatively small haul from the bins (Goodwill outlet store). Mostly intended for sale on Whatnot but a lot of it could have legs on Ebay or other traditional reselling platforms as well.

The Menswear Manifesto 3:
– 330 men's clothing brands
– Each brand analyzed by sellthrough rate, price and category ranking
– Use on your phone or desktop
– You decide how much you want to pay me for it

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Date: September 16, 2022

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44 thoughts on “What I Bought For A Slumbering Market [Clothing Haul for Whatnot / Ebay]

  1. I just started watching Whatnot lives and have purchased 12 things since this past Monday 🤣🤣..I noticed that vintage tees/clothing sell like hotcakes and people who purchase bales sell tons of stuff.I think I have become addicted to the App.I dont think I would ever sell on it ( Im to shy) but I think its a great place for sourcing and buying vintage on the low.

  2. I bought a pair of 501 32/36 Jeans that has an XX on the leather patch – but not on the sewn in size.
    I'm confused – are they XX? Pls answer – I did contribute earlier and I love you.

  3. With the level of knowledge that you have about men's clothes I wonder if you've fooled around on Grailed. I like to hear you musing on changing your model. Things that you are good at like sci Fi books and men's fishing clothes/gear are stuff ya ought to stick with. maybe jetison women's clothes and anything that doesn't spark joy lol. We're often not as good at selling things about whose details we care little. Hope your neck is feeling better.

  4. Viper…as in the mobile security company, aka car alarms. A friend of mine had a Viper car alarm in the early 90s and I can still hear the alarm in my head. “Viper, armed!”

  5. Chicos is a bust unless NWT. And only get sues 3 or 2. $20 is a no because that’s what it would sell for on a really good day. Get it at the bins only if you really want to sell it. Also Knox Rose is target

  6. Knox Rose is popular, list on posh if you don't move it. ecko is cool ugly. I keep myself happy by remembering that my low margins are still better than Walmart and Target. They make literal cents on some stuff.

  7. Specific shows are better on WhatNot. I have noticed that the womens thrift/modern category is booming. Maybe cater to the female buyers/sellers. Go into their shows and promote yours.

  8. Vintage 70’s is always en vogue imo. Interesting to hear about WhatNot. I was considering doing it. Lately, I’m just basically dumping inventory. I just don’t have the room for it. Not even doing resellers boxes. I live in north county, so there aren’t many buy-sell-trade stores here and I don’t think I have the stamina (after my FT job) to do the (surely) 1 1/2 hour round trip plus wait around. Not a good use of what little time I have. Sort of sad, but whatever…just emotional or uninformed new reseller purchases that need to go NOW. In the meanwhile, I have become so selective (even at the bins). It’s helped me mentally deal with this stuff living in my place.

  9. Apana is sold at TJ Maxx. Not bad but not a high resell value. Knox Rose is from target. Resell value is pretty good just get it from the bins, thrift stores charge too much. Boohoo is not good. I love Denim & Supply it sells quick and for great prices. Thank you again for the great video!!

  10. I took the summer off from Thrifting – tried to reduce my inventory
    Today was my first day back – found some nice stuff
    Sales are slow, but gotta keep pushing through 👍

  11. 100% agree with weather. Many people have stopped buying summer but at 100+f they aren't interested in fall. I bet retail is feeling it too. I've gotten notices of 50%-60% off retail $.

    I'd like to hear more about book sales. I went looking for a common paperback book I read 30-ish yrs ago and it was nowhere. Now I'm curious about out of print books.

  12. Just to be precise, a skort is not just a skirt with shorts inside. A skort is a skirt in front and shorts in the back. So think more like shorts that have a wrap front skirt.

  13. well Matt you are finally back no video's for a couple of weeks. Always miss your great ideas… seem a little down so hope things are okay with you…. I can't for the life of me sell Knox Rose had a top for years..its funny how it works well for some people and not for others. Thanks for your video this week. do you really like What Not or do you really want to go back to your old selling ways where you were doing so well and you had so many great ideas.

  14. It doesn't have to "go through the whole retail cycle" to end up at the bins. A lot of stuff goes straight to the bins when they have too much supply and not enough people to sort.

  15. I love Knox rose, one of my favorite brands to wear. It just surprises me because it’s a Target brand, but I guess there’s some fans out there besides me. If you love that boho vibe, it’s a much cheaper alternative to Johnny Was

  16. I definately think doing themed sales will help on whatnot. That way the customers aren't waiting through stuff they have no interest in to maybe see something they are. I think youtubers that sell on whatnot will initially get an audience of followers that want to interact but that will eventually wear off depending on how many sales you have. To get the customers who actually want what you are selling, by being more specific, you will get those better audiences. Or at least I hope you do. Good luck!

  17. Everything is going to be ok. Sales will pick back up. The Farmer's Almanac says this winter, the Midwest will be stormy (snow), very cold "hibernation zone full of shaking, shivering, and shoveling."

  18. Thank you so much for not wasting 2-3 minutes on intro and explanation. Love your videos, the truthful candor and humor make you my favorite youtube reseller.

  19. Whatnot is no different then any other reselling platform in that you need to be selling in demand items with a good sell through rate. No need to over think it. You taught us all about sell through rate and you know it's successful. With that said I do think women's clothing does much better on Whatnot ( other then Tee shirts) and you need to learn brands. No one wants crap brands on any platform.

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