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What I Do For A Living? | How I Buy My Cars?


Over the last 2 years on youtube, iv'e never really gone into depth about what I do or how I got to where I am. So in this quick, random video, hopefully I address that.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Start of Video
1:50 What's New
2:30 Back Story
5:50 What I Do
7:00 Alphaland
8:30 Buying Cars

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Date: September 16, 2022

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25 thoughts on “What I Do For A Living? | How I Buy My Cars?

  1. Im the same way with vehicles now. Have a relatively new STI that i can sell for almost as much as I bought it for IF I ever want something else or need cash. And value has gone up since subaru stopped making them. Same with my 98 TJ rock crawler.. I can sell it for basically for what I bought it for that had/has $30k+ worth in parts. Theres a plus side to "bought not built" lol

    Really wishing I jumped on the S209, or Lotus, or a Viper when I was considering one, pre covid…. prices just about doubled/tripled since then.

  2. do you work 2 jobs or what??
    update: well, I guess you're independent software engineer. self taught. work tons of projects. that makes sense
    you're like the david laid of tech. but you're motivated as f**k man! even actual software engineers doesn't fly that high. you should try get a job in tech companies to see what's out there.
    think you'll make a good technical founder if you put your time into it.

  3. whoo dreamweaver is an old one lol. I am in school for Cyber Sec now and doing a data analytics boot camp also. I am looking forward to making some decent money so I can full send into cars lol

  4. Joe 1 year ago "my room mate is trying to convince me these are the kinds of videos people want to see… I'm not entirely sold yet"
    Me checks joes videos over the last year Haha looks like the room mate was right! More of this content please!

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