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What Living In Our Cars Taught Us About REALLY LIVING


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Date: September 19, 2022

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28 thoughts on “What Living In Our Cars Taught Us About REALLY LIVING

  1. i think people/society as a whole lack locus of control. it’s something i’ve been trying to stray away from for A WHILE. i keep “yo-yoing” in and out of that mindset but i realized every time i make out of it i find more clarity and peace and i get further and further away from the mindset. i’m only 16 anyways so i feel optimistic about figuring out myself eventually. i have an idea of where my struggle is coming from. i’m the kind of person that tries to control the things that cannot be controlled while neglecting the things that i can. this is something that not myself but people close to me have noticed and told me which says A LOT.

    Really loved this video!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Also you two are cuties, your parents did good and y’all did good on self work – not that random internet person comment matters. Haha

  3. I really like being bored for short periods of time. Like having the peace and the opportunity to be bored is something I really enjoy. I'll purposely set out an hour sometimes to just do nothing. I think that it's a good skill to be able to just be bored with yourself.

  4. So many things you two mentioned in this video that speak so hard to me.
    Most of these things. I've either contemplated about or experienced. And I've also taken some good advice as well. So thank you for this video.

    5:00 Holy shit so accurate. I figured out who I was when I was as a teen in household who would not accept me so I didn't tell them. (A bi athiest in toxic Christian household) It sucked. I described it as "Surviving now so I can live later." The thought of me not being a minor forever is what kept me going. Being closeted, knowing who I was and that I was not accepted, in that household sucked ass, but even then I would've taken that over when I didn't know who I was and but it wasn't as hard to live there.

    And also I thought I hated nature. "bugs everywhere and animals will kill me or whatever" Relatively recently though I just realized nature is actually peaceful. Very chill and calming. Creeks are like one of my new favorite places.

  5. Wow. I've never needed to hear this so badly in my life. My whole perspective has changed. I can feel my fear melting away. Thank you so much for sharing your soul and mind. My life is about to change so much and it's going to be the hardest thing I've ever done. Its my time to bury my ego! ♥️ much love.

  6. Great video! I have a question about making and building friendships… I’m a communicative extravert and don’t have a problem with making new friends or finding my way round in a new collective. But I have a hard time finding people to truly resonate with. Sometimes I worry that I’m so weird, that the chances of me finding a person who would understand me are so small it might never happen. But maybe I’m just chasing an unrealistic fantasy… Just like some chace the fantasy of perfect romance for example. Do you think it’s necessary to be understood in friendships or is love, support and acceptance enough to you?:)

  7. Another thing a lot of people don’t think about is actually planning the escape from the abuser because if they catch on they might kill you or in my case I was worried he would take my baby and run and I knew I would never find them. But I became the BEST actress you have ever seen lmao I made that man believe that I loved him and everything was great(but not too great) and I planned our escape for 2 whole months and now we’ve been safe for 10 months and never happier 😎 but that is a huge thing that deters victims from leaving is what if they get caught? But yeah sorry this is long lol love this video so much!🖤

  8. I feel so similar to you growing up in conservative West Virginia being so different. When I was younger it was super overwhelming and scary and demoralizing. But now that I’m older and have accepted myself I love it here and all the quirky fellow humans I live with!

  9. Last comment I swear haha, The hardest part I have is taking feedback to turn trauma into strength. I hate hearing feedback I think due to the fact I am like "you aren't the one having to survive in this vessel". I really love watching yall and so happy you are doing well in life.

  10. I feel like our families are very similar. I wasnt in a big family, but my parents had big families and we had all of their kids to hang out with when we grew up. I think not getting challege def doesnt give people the chance to embrace their power.

  11. I just started this video but omg this is such an interesting chat. I absolutely love hearing you and your brother talk. I’m gonna be so upset when this video is over. Thank you for this! Omg you’re 5’1 biggest anime plot twist of my life!

  12. This was a great discussion/chat, thank you for sharing! A question I have about friendship is how to deal with having a fear of rejection which is a major factor in me avoiding getting to know new people. I have friends but I haven't developed new friendships in a long time.

  13. I was thinking a lot about what you said about messing up and learning from your mistakes. It’s something that I’ve never really understood how to do, because I’m very unsure of my abilities to understand a situation in the first place. Like, how do I know I messed up? I constantly worry that I’m being too this or too that and that I’ve messed up, but I don’t know how to find out if I actually did mess up (other than ask people, but I don’t wanna be any more of a burden on other people, because I would ask constantly), and on top of that, I’m not sure how to turn it into a learning experience. When I try doing this I end up in thought spirals and can spend months/years thinking about a situation, but not get anywhere. So how do I take a situation, assess it truthfully, pin point what went/is wrong, and learn from it? Love your videos <3

  14. Awesome video Brittany!!❤ I have a frinds question.

    I often have the experience with girl friends, that when i start getting close to them, after a few months of friendship, they start expecting things from me like that I want to hang out with them always and it is weird if I don't want to for a couple of weeks, they expect me to eat lunch with them at uni or talk with them every day. Bc of this I just stop being frinds with them, bc I dont want to live up to those expectations or hurt them bc I dont.
    I definetly think that I'm the one who has a problem with getting close to people so I'm trying to understand what exactly it is that people expect from a frind. Have you experienced these kinds of expectations in friendships, are they necessary to be close friends and what expectations do you have to your frinds?

    I also feel that with boys the dynamic of friendship is totally different, I only have one man friend and he doesn't have all those expectations.

  15. I wish I could live and experience half the things you've been through. Honestly I would give up everything and everyone just to be able to live like you to. I would like to say that some people don't have the ability to do the things you've stated, as unfair as it is.

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