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'What's with all these beast women'


00:00 Bits
00:27 Fousey Boxing
01:18 Tai Lopez Bodybuilding
02:11 Never Skip…
02:28 ‘Natural Bodybuilding'
02:49 ‘What's with all these beast women'
03:50 Alpha M Face Toning
04:26 21 y/o on Chemicals
04:52 Joel Seedman 17lbs Muscle in 6 weeks
06:52 William Li Myo Reps

Fitness. Comedy. Social Media Satire.
This is Shredded Sports Science by James Linker


Date: September 21, 2022

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29 thoughts on “'What's with all these beast women'

  1. These kind of tossers have ruined the gym lets be honest. They've turned a hobbie into a horror show of narcissism and ego maniacal filth. Just workout and fudge off you silly sausages

  2. Rest pause on the bench press is so dangerous, especially when you are an Asian kid who does not stay on his shoulder blades on the bench and presses unevenly with the rotator cuff. Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates were always using machines for rest-pause/heavy duty and benched/squatted/deadlifted German.

  3. Every single one of your videos I truly enjoy. Thanks for being such a genuine guy. I have been in the gym for over 15 years and do have a ripped thick physique that one may say uses PEDs. But consistency is key. I'm not an abnormal size. I just know my body and refuse to let myself go. Thanks for your channel. 🤘

  4. I'm going to be honest I've thought about using steroids. I know they're bad and it's wrong but I just want to be confident in the way I look. I want to be seen like an actual man, I want to be strong. It's just very discouraging seeing all these people looking the way you wish you would and despite going home sore and tired I feel like it's all for nothing. Is this just me or anyone else feel the same?

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