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Why You Should Watch Disturbing Horror Movies


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31 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch Disturbing Horror Movies

  1. Hello Friends. Due to what we’re talking about the chances of this video getting demonetized are very high. The only reason videos like this are viable for me is because of my patrons, and so if you’ like to help keep these videos weird and spooky, you can do so here:

    As ever, if you don't have the means to contribute (or just aren't up for it for whatever reason) that is 100% totally fine, it still means a lot to me you’d just check out this video.

    Hope your old well, stay warm and sane in these winter months ~

  2. Literally almost none of these are remotely disturbing bro. Nobody cares about your goofy ass takes, like how disturbing "the realizatiom that you'll have to take care of your parents some day" is.. It isn't.

  3. You’re one of my absolute favorite content creators and while we don’t know each other or anything I feel the need to tell you after your “recommendation” that I just finished Last Summer for the first time a moment ago and……I have to agree. That is one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen. I feel a little bit different coming out than I did going in…I recommend it to your other viewers but for those who watch it I would proceed with caution…something about the entirety of the film gets my anxiety going, and it is an uncomfortable experience…

  4. I'm having trouble wording this… even with the unrealistic horror movies people go through situations that evoke the same emotions. The same sort of trauma, fear, pain, hatred, isolation, and mental damage. Theres constantly people going through their own real life horror movie. This is why I love horror movies because they can open our mind.

  5. i'm sorry, but the title of this video is wrong… it should be "hey, here are some cool horror movies you should watch. why? oh I don't know ummm… because they distract you from the horror that is reality I guess."

  6. My fav movie when I was 14 is "the boy". Spoil alert, but it's basically about a doll that protag had to take care of that assume to be supernatural. But in the end it's revealed it is an adult man of the owner's child lurking behind the wall, watching her, tormenting her, and killed her.

    It's the most disturbing movie I've seen at that age, and I'm a horror lover child. But it just hit a very different feel than normal horror movies with gore or ghost. The feeling that knowing it is a possibility. A possibility that someone can be living behind your wall, watching you.

  7. I was looking for a war movie and I found a Russian film ‘Come and See’. It was about a young boy who experienced the horror of World War II. I remember I thought about it a lot after watching it alone because of how scary and disturbing it was. Probably one of the movies that I won’t watch twice, including ‘Possession’. Now I’m curious to see ‘The Plague Dogs’.

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