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Winter Camping in a Volkswagen Van | Sub-Zero Temperatures | Living The Van Life


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Welcome along for another van life adventure out in the cold winter temperatures. This time I take my 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon up into the Cascade Mountains where I find myself in sub-zero winter conditions. Even in these sub-freezing temperatures I manage to build a campfire and enjoy some time in the winter wonderland of Washington. Welcome on board this winter van life adventure.

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Date: January 26, 2023

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43 thoughts on “Winter Camping in a Volkswagen Van | Sub-Zero Temperatures | Living The Van Life

  1. I love these videos too. I am impressed with the Vanagan after looking at the awesome Sprinter build. The Volkswagen doesn't seem to be anywhere close to the Sprinter van in terms of insulation and flooring, and off road capabilities, but it does work, esp if you're not taking it to the Arctic Ocean. I love cold, weird weather and on the other end of the temp spectrum, I escape the summers of southern Nevada by coming up to northern Oregon – and it's hot there too. It gives me hope to find a reliable van with a simple but ample build for comfort and safety and not have to break the bank.

  2. Love that Chad, great to see the ol vannagon out up in the mountains, Going back to your roots, she’s a trooper for sure ❤🚐🏔️Peace out, keep on Trucking✌🏻

  3. I couldn't believe how simple and effective (not to mention only £100 uk money) the diesel heater is since fitting it. Why spend your hard earned cash on a Webasto or Eberspracher when this is just as good. Thanks again Chad

  4. I have to say, I know how tough it can be to be out and about in winter conditions, but to be honest,,,,,your cinematography and editing is amazing!!!!!! It doesn’t fairly represent the struggles of being in the wild, during the winter,,,but damn, you make it look gorgeous.

  5. Getting caught up with the videos that piled up over the holidays! Love the old V.W. diesel van! I wish l knew more about it.
    With all the layers on, l wonder if you sweat while out in it, especially around the fire?
    Love the picturesque mountains and tree's covered in snow! Great photography 👍.
    ✌🏻🌬 ❄️ 🇨🇦 ☃️.

  6. bien muy bien te felicito que manera de vivir la vida y viajar yo trato de hacer lo mismo con mi vanagon westfalia y lo disfruto mucho pero siempre aprendo algo de tus viajes saludos y sigue igual transmitiéndonos todas las enseñanzas

  7. Looking back at one of your older videos I noticed you used the Pop-Up Fire Pit but now you are using the Solo. I'm using the former and I love it but I'm curious why you switched.

  8. I just laughed really hard when I saw that you put Mercedes rims from the 80s/90s onto this VW Van with matching VW center caps 😂. Those are typical W124 and R129 rims, just painted in a dark color.

  9. Many thanks for uploading .
    But I'm just bit confused with these kind of videos though !
    Every body trying to show us how they cook some food in their camper vans !
    While why we watch and what we want to see is ,
    How people living in the van and how they deal with winter cold and how they survive and thing like these .
    Other wise we know how to cook and what to cook

  10. Feck in ell your videography and sound score are just getting more and more amazing, I've even made a Black Pines Camper sticker for the back of my own van, after your winter videos …… BTW what make is the awning on the Vanagon

  11. Thank you for social media, YouTube because I got a chance to watch people like you doing every day lifestyle in the living vanlifestyle you really much appreciate it. are you showing the nice views, whatever adventure you’ve been sharing to the public beautiful sightseeing like me love to see it and watch it. I wish I could do what you do I just watch the vanlifestyle people here in YouTube makes me happier I feel like I’m in adventure with you guys. Lol i😂😂😂 merry Christmas and happy new year Chad you have wonderful new year.🤗🤗😘🥰

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