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Woman Quits Expensive Rents To Live In A Van


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A 31-year-old woman has turned her back on expensive rents and property prices – by living full time in a van. With an interior measuring just 13ft 2in long, 5ft 8in wide and 6ft 2in high, Eileah Ohning’s home is her Freightliner Sprinter High Top van. The photographic producer from Columbus, Ohio, has lived in her compact four-wheel home since May 2017. Complete with a memory foam mattress, storage compartments, a desk and a camping stove, she even has plans to add in a shower, toilet and fridge. Eileah parks her van close enough to her workplace that she never needs to worry about the morning commute and showers at her local gym.

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Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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Date: September 16, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Woman Quits Expensive Rents To Live In A Van

  1. Sometime in my retirement years i will buy a van and travel around the world , i wish i coud look thru windows every day instead of lookind at walls in my house.

  2. I spent 30 years on paying rent & paying rent has left me completely poor. I wanna live in a van or an rv just to save money for a down payment for my own home but my wife doesn’t wanna do it. I don’t know what else to do.

  3. I've been in construction for more than 40 years and I always thought that there is a better way to construct housing and less expensive. Smaller 2-story maybe. Some pre-fabs look interesting. I don't think you can beat the cost of van-life. You can be safe, comfortable, and happy in a van!

  4. I've watched many Rv living videos and come to the conclusion that living in a trailer etc puts one into survival mode as you are have to constantly look for safe places to park, fly under the radar and cope with many challenges that just keep on a coming.

  5. The worst thing about living in a van is always being out there with a location , sitting out there in the world , with know property land of you're own to just park.

  6. This is a transition to homelessness. Yes, people should make the best out of their situation but this is a low quality lifestyle. Living in a car means you are cut off from a lot of quality jobs and family life is next to impossible. It is not something to be glorified. I have been in this situation, and definitely not by choice.

  7. This is smart. I’m alone in a one bedroom apartment and probably pay more than she does for just a little more room. I never have any money left for anything. It’s pathetic.

  8. she seems smart and creative! not my kind of life but rent is so expensive so i understand! its like 2k just to live in a decent neighborhood. and thats with nothing included… 😅

  9. There are so many things wrong with living from a Van. However, you are so damn happy all the time you would need a month living the “other way”, to realize where the wrong is and where [it’s not👉🏽🚐]❤️

  10. VERY smart girl. She uses common sense. She said a family of 6 needs more than a van. For a single person or a couple this is very doable and you get to live outside instead of an expensive box. My property tax is 4k per year. That is not ownership.

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