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Woman says FBI showed up at her home after supporting Trump online


Lisa Gallagher recalls being woken up by federal law enforcement after voicing her support for former President Trump on Facebook in an interview on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #foxnews #tuckercarlsontonight

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Date: September 17, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Woman says FBI showed up at her home after supporting Trump online

  1. Fbi agents showed up at my best frienfs home 20 yrs. Ago.
    in topeka kansas for expressing his views on govt on line with guns they were both crippled one with polio since he was.10 yrs old his wife heart condition confined to wheel chair they knew there condition and went amyway some threat. Thats our fbi then and now

  2. I support Trump. I personally don't have anything in common with Bush and Nixon Republicans, today they'd be called democrats and enemies of the people of the United States of America. But for the government controlling the people of the United States of America just like the Democrats.

  3. Also, there’s another trend for conservatives. In this video the very first words out of the ladies mouth were “I was Terrified.” Conservatives like to be scared. It feels like their natural state of existence, so they embrace fear.

  4. how is it possible that the Democrats are and their leader Obama, the President in the basement, it's almost unbelivable that the American FBI has become the Democrat's most lethal enemy of the American people because the American Democrat Presidents are working for the WEF, ?????? bullship you say. well it was Pres Bill Clinten that agreed to implement the UN agenda 21 onto the American people 30 Years ago and just 7 Years it was the USA President Obama who reinforced the USA Government's commitment to being just another Puppet Government of the WEFs

  5. The FBI is now being used to intimidating conservative that voted for Trump.
    If and when Trump wins for the third time, Democrats should be investigated for being communist and wanting to over throw the country.
    The midterms has many afraid of what will happen if they lose power , Trump could be elected to president. I will vote for Trump and will volunteer to be a poll watcher. If this communist idiots can volunteer so can I, It's takes a little to learn how things work. Must follow instructions to the letter. The least you can do is vote for Trump, vote Republican.

  6. BarrytheFairy Obama and JoeBiteme and NaaziPelosi and DizzyLizzy are pureScum – through and through. In my entire lifetime, I have never witnessedFazism before the ObamaRegime in 2008 [beginning with the Office of the President Elect – remember that?] -2017 and now again in 2021 to this very day. This should also include from 2016-2021 when Barack Obama and Hillbag2016 committed highTreason against our sitting President and then candidate Donald Trump for 6 years beginning when he began his candidacy and even up to this very day..

  7. "Unless you have a warrant, getTheHellOff my property."–Fiirestarter.

    "We don't need a warrant."–The Shop – Fiirestarter,

    "You do, unless I woke up inRussia this morning."–Fiirestarter.

    I guess we did wake up inRussia on Election Night, November, 2008.

    "I am going to fund a poliiiceForce as well funded as the miiilitary."–Barack Obama on Election Night – November, 2008 – talking about a SecretPoolice,

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