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Worst Punishments in Horror Movies


It's not uncommon for the characters in horror movies to go through some insane punishments. In this video we'll look at some of the worst ones.

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – A Cure for Wellness
2:10 – Final Destination
4:15 – The Babysitter
6:01 – Oculus
8:00 – Gerald's Game

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Date: September 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Worst Punishments in Horror Movies

  1. The tooth scene is rough in A Cure For Wellness, but imo I thought the forced tube down the throat and pumping eels and disgusting water (did you see how big that fucking tank was?!) into his stomach was worse. To each their own though lol

  2. wrong turn 4 where the guy was butchered by hillbillies on the table and his bits of meat were deep fried and eaten infront of his eyes while he was still alive and continuously being sliced up

  3. I actually almost vomited whilst watching a cure for wellness. That's never happened to me before because I love love love horror and thriller movies but the eel scene got me good😂😂

  4. sorry but that dental one is laughable. idk if i have higher pain tollerances but when i got my wisdom teeth pulled they barrely numbed me and broke my jaw in the process. and i hardly felt it, even for days after. idk but drilling through thin front teeth you wouldnt feel "too much" compared to a bigger tooth. even that isnt that bad imo.

  5. i know it's not a horror, but Lydia in Breaking Bad had a shocking punishment as well. She had to spend the rest of her night after the call, waiting for her death due to poisoning

  6. I actually like to go to the dentist its like your teeth are allways White once you get out and i have some great memories from when i was little and Got to choose a toy and how proud i was when i Got a little plastic suit-case with my lost teeth in them i felt so grown up

  7. I refuse to go to the dentist, the place traumatises me. The worst movie I’ve seen involving teeth and that fully put me off going to the dentist, was literally The Dentist. Truly horrifying.

  8. the guy with the bandade: stuck on his finger, him trying to pull it off. eventually pulls off a tip of his finger instead, thinking it was the bandade.

    me: "dude just leave it on your finger, its just a bandade.."

  9. One of the worst punishments I seen it was a dumbass movie but kinda funny this guy turned a kid into a walrus and he ended up surviving somehow and lived like that. I think the movie was called tusk

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