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YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT’S IN NORWAY! Van Life here is ridiculous!!


van life , YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT’S IN NORWAY! Van Life here is ridiculous!! , , ftBvcrNaqrM , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftBvcrNaqrM , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ftBvcrNaqrM/hqdefault.jpg , 141190 , 5.00 , WASN’T EXPECTING TO STRUGGLE WITH THIS IN NORWAY! (Female Van Life Europe)

Van life in Norway just gets more ridiculous the further north we go! There are literally waterfalls around every corner, we visit the 5th highest waterfall in Norway, take on a tough hike to a glacier, visit a glacial lake and navigate our way around using their inland ferry system.

But, as amazing as it all is (and it really is) there's one thing we weren't expecting to struggle to find, especially in Norway of all places!!

This country is insane, we've never been anywhere quite like it, for van life it's brilliant, probably the best country for van life we've been to so far. Wild camping is easy and there's motorhome services everywhere!!

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Hopefully you are enjoying this European travel series as much as we are and we are managing to show you just some of the stunning landscapes that Norway has to offer in this Norwegian travel vlog.
As usual, we have tried to include a bit of everything, some cinematic scenery mixed with our usual female van life foolery, we always love hearing what you lot think in the comments so do let us know, and as always, thank you for watching!

Follow us on our journey as we attempt to create a proper youtube travel series as we, two female travelers and vanlifers, attempt to travel across Europe in our rolling tiny home.
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Date: January 26, 2023

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28 thoughts on “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT’S IN NORWAY! Van Life here is ridiculous!!

  1. As a Norwegian it’s great to see that people find the hidden treasures also, and not only the “bucket list”. There are so many hidden treasures so the best way to experience Norway is to take that small road and explore 👍

  2. living in Norway, i enjoy wathcing series like this 🙂 I usually never like the bizy turist trails. When i go fishing in the mountians, its often old trails,. or no trails at all, and big heavy backpack. It can be scetchy when you have to grab moss with both hands to not fall to your death 😀 , but it adds some excitement 🙂 That trail was very safe and equipped it seems,. but if your not used to it, i guess it can seem daunting.

  3. A$ 4 a litre for petrol? Shit! It’s only just over A$2 a litre now. Norway 🇳🇴 is stunning ladies! Thank you. Driving in flip flops ( thongs) is the only way to drive 😂

  4. Wow! We have just discovered your wonderful videos. We are two sixty-five year old women from New Zealand and are just about to book our camper from Oslo for two weeks in early September next year. Can’t wait to watch the rest of your trip . . . will ration to one a night as soooo exciting.

  5. I have only recently found your channel, but I’m loving it so far, your banter is really fun and you’re very likeable girls. I’ve bought a ducato dethleffs busII – essential for me to have a fixed bad as I have a one in a million neurological condition that affects my back and hips called SPS meaning I can’t get up sometimes for days at a time. I’ve converted vans in the past with rnr beds etc but this thing has everything, including the height as if I’m couching a lot it brings on my spasms etc. it’s under 6 metres so most places are accessible, I love it. Miss being able to do these kinds of treks but I’m still getting the best out of life and planning on a road trip around Europe next year. Any tips on places to go and visit would be awesome!! Do you use insta?? Please add me, would be amazing to get some pointers and who knows, may even cross paths! I use a DJI mini 2 which blows me away as it’s it’s only the size of a coke can but awesome quality. What drone do you use? @ducato_day_trippin – keep your amazing videos coming
    Thank you – Mart

  6. Truly enjoy what u girls create, all of it… Louise, I am in the US and a Floridian and it is more than OK to wear flip flops driving… No excuses needed, only what works best for U…. We literally live in them full time here…
    Even after getting smashed/demolished by Hurricane…🙃

  7. SO beautiful, wow! Thanks, love the scenery. Amazing! Had to cancel a planned trip to Norway when the pandemic started. Hope to get there soon. My ancestors are from Norway. Seeing this beautiful scenery makes me wonder why they left? But I'm sure it was hard Economic Times 2 generations ago. Loving catching up on your videos, just recently found your Channel. For now I'm living vicariously through you gals. Thanks so much and happy trails, from the USA. Diane😀🇧🇻🌊💜🚍🌎

  8. Great video. I'm a little surprised you opted to go to hikes where you have to pay for parking. There are a million great hikes in Norway, where you can park for free near the start of the trails, and can stay parked overnight, no problem.

  9. Just had to pause and say that it's lovely to see Odda again! Lived there for about 18 months. Tip. The series Ragnarok is placed in Odda, but it's called Edda in the show.

  10. Awesome video, the last place in Folgefonna national park, with the impressive lake Bondhusvatnet, (absolutely try to take that hike early evening I was one of few people there also) I spent a few days in the small town of Sundal near there and took a few different day hikes, if the car park was 190 NOK and no overnight stays, the campsite Sundial camping would have probably been 250 NOK for a night, I paid something like 160 NOK for a tent without a car, and had intermittent reasonable Wifi, but it is small and could be fully booked in July, I was travelling by bus and train in Sept Oct 2020 and camping/ hutting and often wild camping in secret locations around towns, and long distance hiking / and wild camping in the tent through national parks! but it was hard work to carry my home and kitchen on my back 18 to 21 kilos in fact, next time I will be taking a mini van for sure

  11. Making Norway look good, even in rain 😄. I live not too far from Odda, and we drove through this summer to get to some sun in Kristiansand. 😄. Places I can recommend in my "neighbourhood" are the old road over Strynefjellet (usually lots of snow mid summer), Geiranger, Trollstigen and Sognefjellet.

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